Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh, Ducky

No, not the John Cryer from PRETTY IN PINK. Ann M. Martin had her very own too, from the CALIFORNIA DIARIES.
My all time favorite character of hers that she may or may have not developed. So I've been told a ghost writer actually did this one for her. Who knows. It was possibly her most cutting edge series, only she had the Babysitters club which was so loved, no one could imagine such troubled youth.
And of course, we were left unfulfilled with Ducky. Was he or wasn't he? He was every girl's dream of the best guy friend possible. He had worries. Parents on adventures who didn't care how lonely he really was. And the lengths he'd go to, just for his best friend. And it wasn't Sunny.
If only Ann M. Martin could come back and push the envelope now. I think we'd be proud if she'd just let Ducky come clean and be who he was. What would have been so wrong with that? I'm sure he would definitely be on many Gay and Lesbian teen groups reading list.
But no, we were left hanging. I feel sure he was the most loved of all the books in the series. Where are you Ducky? What are you doing now?


ellie said...

I liked this about Ducky. He was one of my favorite characters in the series.

Cait said...

I would have loved more Ducky stories too.

just a moment said...

I so liked that series. Especially, Ducky.

ellie said...

You so know I love the faces in the new header...=D