Saturday, March 14, 2009

confessions of a fan fic writer

OK, so I don't know why I haven't started a Mitch Hewer fan fic as of yet. I should.

All though its a bit of a controversy. I have one friend who's down on me for all my Jamie & Danny stories as well as the Trace Cyrus fan fic. She thinks I should just keep it to fiction. Possibly she's right.

But I can't help myself. I mean, its fan fic. Its the possibility, but probably not ever happening in my wildest dreams.

It just makes me laugh when I think of it, you know. And I'm really trying not to dis anyone. Just perhaps, look at it all a little differently. Its not like I'm the one who's with them. Which I think would be very peculiar.

Perhaps all I am is a voyeur, after all. And that really is strange enough.

But then again, the way we have to have a snap shot of every little thing these celbs do. I feel bad for them. Of course, I've heard Hewer's interviews..being in films, etc. That's what the fellow has to get used to. All those camera on him just to drive a couple of blocks down the street.

Naturally, I do think he should be the new IT guy. Just like Jamie Campbell Bowar. I really hope they both get to be in films before its too, late. So maybe that's really why I write. Seeing them in films in my own head, I suppose.

Well, something like that. And hopefully..someone can be amused as well. Of course, it would help if I put a sentence together properly. But until then.

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Cait said...

Oh you should write it. You really should.