Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, my brother comes and Clive and I break up.

Not exactly like that. I dunno how to explain it.

I had a very fucked up Friday morning. I just can't believe Clive would do it. I trusted him. I thought we were best friends. I though I knew him. I really did...and then the unexpected happened. I found some incriminating evidence on my laptop. He's been talking to an ex of his and evidently, they sort of hooked up last month.

Nothing major happened other than kissing. Thank God, but still, I can't trust him and I yelled at him first over his cell about it. He swears he almost had a car crash over it. See, I told him he shouldn't talk on his cell while he drove.

I was so miserable, I just needed the day to myself. Well, Jonah came over and yeah, it was like having my other brother over, and it was good. You know...talking and all. He's a good listener. God, I wish he had a job. I want him to move in to help with the rent. Maybe my brother will help. I hope.

I do think we're closer now than we were. He's all grown up. The military has done that to him. He's so thoughtful. I think I love my brother now, like I always wanted to.

See, when we were little, we couldn't agree on anything. We pretty much hated each other. And well, when Mom died, we really weren't that much better for a long time. And Dad didn't help matters. Then I know he tried his best to help me when things were so bad with Dad.

So yeah, Clive is moving. Just not yet.

I think we might could be roommates for a little while. Til the lease is up.That is if he sleeps on the couch. I'm getting the bed. I love my bed. I had so wanted one for the longest time. And I paid for most of it. Anyhow.

And maybe Jonah will move in. Maybe. He said he'd help me paint the place. Fix it up. He knows how. Things the landlord said we could do. Stuff, Clive always said he would, but never did.


meg said...

so sorry. hope it goes better for you.

misty said...

I'm glad your brother is there.

Sootjeelina said...

I'm so sorry for you..
But thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I really appreciate it :D

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I feel truly horrible after reading this. Though I'm glad your brother is around. :)

natalie said...

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that :/ I hope that you feel better!

Nathalie said...

I am sorry to hear that, but good you have your brother!

Nathalie said...

I am sorry to hear that, but good you have your brother!

Angela said...

I really liked Fredie. So bad that he's dead :(.