Monday, May 24, 2010

Driving Lessons - movie review


I'm in love with Rupert Grint. I never found him all that fascinating in the Harry Potter saga like one of my very best friends. She only watches them for him and of course, Tom. But really, she's been a Rupert Grint fan for ages. Well, if you only get to see his bits on screen in Harry Potter stuff..imagine..watching him as the main character of a movie.

Yeah, you get to see that vivid hair of his and those eyes. Amazing green eyes. And he was brilliant!

The movie came out between 2006 -2007. Its almost a British Harold and Maude, except they weren't suicidal or anything. Its about a boy from a very religious family. And you see how they see the world and how they interpret God in everything. His mother played by Laura Linny is as usual fantastic...and completely Brit. She forces Rupert's Ben to be in religious plays. And there is always this young pastor about who comes off something between James McCovey and James Tupper. While Ben's father is the formal pastor who reads mostly in his study about birds.

So this quirky family takes in an old odd fellow and because he needs "treatments"..Ben's mother tells Ben he must find a job to support the old man for his treatments. Well, the best he can do is tidy up for Julie Walters, an old actress who's house is a mess, but she'd rather be out camping, anyway. Meanwhile. Ben is suppose to be learning to drive. Before he knows it, he's driving the old dame places, and he's acting out play scenes with the rather sauced Walters. Naturally, his Mom thinks the worst, and she wants him home instead of off at poetry recitals.

Really, its a sweet movie about a boy and what he has to put up with from so many. From girls thinking he's strange to all the strange things he has to contend with.

Yeah, this one is a keeper and I'm glad I bought myself a copy of it. Lots of Sufjan Stevens' melodies through out the movie too.

These days you can see Rupert sporting stubble and not afraid to take his shirt off..especially, in last year's Cherry Bomb. While Wild Target will be out in the UK as of June 18, an action comedy with Emily Blunt and Rupert Everett.


ellie said...

I thought he was excellent in this film.

meg said...

Rupert Grint is totally amazing.

misty said...

I love his mouth..I think.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Thanks for the link!

Now I feel like my appron sucks! D: XD

Anonymous said...

Aw, thank you! :3 I think I'll add some hearts on it though :3

And thanks again! :] If I may ask, why do you read my blog? Are you a diabetic or do you dres in lolita? Or else? Really, I'm wondering, but I can't find out why?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I see! But why does she likes to inject too much insulin? I don't get it, that could be dangerous!

Are you on livejournal as well?

Lady said...

HE IS GOD. Plain and simple haha.

so jade said...

He's amazing.