Sunday, May 2, 2010

degrassi after hours

I'm trying to get motivated. However, its been a tiring weekend. Not sure why. I am so tired from work. I just need rest. But I've felt so achey. Maybe its a bad case of Spring Fever. Honestly, my allergies have not been as bad as Clive's. So yeah, we are both dragging around.

So anyway.....

I went to look back at my Degrassi fan fic just to learn I had renamed "kelly" Evan..which is the actor's name Evan Williams. Who I do like. Just wish he could get something better than being "emma's" college boyfriend. There is something slight Eric Stoltz about him. I was also not going anywhere with the Emma stuff. So I thought I'd open it up to the characters on the show right now. I'm like many fans who feel a bit let down with where the writers are taking the characters this season. Of course, I haven't really thought much what to do with them, either. Sometimes, though, you just want to start something entirely different with something established. Like the author who is having fun with Jane Austen stuff mixing in zombies and other horror stuff.

Well, not that I'd do that with Degrassi..but I might think about it. If I get too bored.

As it is..I'm tired. So I tried to play around with a header and didn't like it afterwards..but I did think of something.

Degrassi after hours


ellie said...

That would be cool to have something strange like zombies or vampires in a fan fic.

meg said...

I still watch the show. cool.

natalie said...

I hope you can get rested up and feel motivated again! And haha yeah, some of my friends have been reading Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and commenting on how they like it... I really couldn't stand Pride & Prejudice in the first place so maybe the addition of zombies would make me like it more haha.