Monday, May 3, 2010

before I forget

I absolutely love The Broken Bells CD. Every song is great on this little masterpiece. See what happens when you get someone from Shins and somebody else from Gorillaz to put a CD together. Good stuff.

Although, there might be times you might think..hey, its has a Gorillaz flavor or a Shins like lyric. But truly, its a sweet CD to carry with you on those times when you just need a lift. Or relaxing. What ever might be the case.

It just might be my songs of summer. MGMT did it for me last summer. Although, I have warmed up to their new CD yet. I do have it. But still Broken Bells is the one I want to listen to first. Vampire Weekend's latest had my heart for a few weeks there, but now. I gotta have my Broken Bells.

Its a fusion of the best of these two composers and song writers. Brian Burton and James Mercer. They both have a beat to a different drummer, and it shows on this CD. I'm really in love with it.

Broken Bells


ellie said...

I love that CD too.

Holly said...

they do make some cool music.

meg said...

Yeah, its got to be one of my favorites too.