Sunday, June 27, 2010


Every now and then there comes along a Justin who just rocks your world. He makes you think of a time when you were young and anything  is possible. You get in a sad way. His music makes you happy. Its like a sick addiction, perhaps. Oh, God, please don't hate me.

True, I'm going through a break-up. Yes, the break-up who hasn't exactly left yet. Perhaps the slowest break-up in history. He has no where to go. We are still sleeping together because we can't part with that big bed. And no, its not what you think. Its a matter of space than anything else. Even so. Its still a break-up. And yeah, that's when it happened. Road to recovery. I found Justin Bieber.

I know. I so hate to admit this. I do. My own guilty pleasure. Just listening to that voice of his and God, I wanted to hate every song on that playlist. I really did. But I couldn't.

Why is it he can make little girls cry? Usually, with glee. I suppose. Not that I've noticed. I'm really not into his moves or when the next time he'll walk into glass doors. Possibly, his fame is fleeting. Just how long can you sound like the ghost of Michael Jackson when you first start out? Probably not long.

Just when I was hoping MGMT would do the trick, or one of my other favorites like Metro Station or Sufjan Stevens. Nope, it was Justin Bieber to the rescue. Making everything rosie or just feeling the beat to get me through the day. I'm sure someday I will put that playlist away. Enough of that. For good. Sometimes, someones music just has to help you get you back on the road, again. And it seems possible with tunes like Runaway Love and Up.

Lets just blame it on temporary insanity. OK.


ori said...

Sometimes, I guess you need pop music.

ellie said...

I have to admit I actually like the 2nd cd over his first one.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes pop music is the best cure for a broken heart. :/

meg said...

I really do like Runaway Love.

izzy and dev said...

Yeah, my guilty pleasure too.