Friday, June 25, 2010

the short second life of Bree Turner

Take a very obscure character from a book that you didn't think twice about, get a second look, and darn, if Stephanie Meyer can't rock your world of literature, once again. Of course, you will either find it quite brilliant or so depressing that you can't recommend it to anyone.

I gotta say, Steph is cashing in on her own fan fiction. Perhaps. Or is it the fact, she can not stay away from her beloved cast of Twilight characters? Well, I'm not saying she's Anne Rice who invites Lestate to dinner or anything, but of course, I guess Steph could do anything...if she wanted. She does have the power now, and she's feeding a nation of readers what they want. I'm sure she's making everyone happy, including herself.

Of course, many of us Jacob Black fans wish she'd look into a series of books about the pack. Like, how did Sam know the tradition of it. Who was head of the pack before him? Oh, go back centuries where the Native Americans roamed the plains. Maybe Crazy Horse had something to do with it. Or the white buffalo. Where did all the traditions come from? How do they find a mate? Questions. Questions. Questions. And Steph has all the answers, and we would savor every one of them.

As Anne Rice once ruled queen writer of the vampire world, now its Stephanie's realm. But wait??? What about L.J. Smith and the Vampire Diaries which were tampered with by the writers of the show. And will there actually be books about Jeremy and Anna? Well, there should be.

We need these imaginations at work so we can get a different perspective of that very dark world. How vampires truly operate. And here I thought they slept in the daytime.


Fenny said...

Geez,looks like trouble

misty said...

interesting review.

meg said...

I have heard some people love this little book.

Nathalie said...

I still haven't read a single book of her. Have to catch up with that, finally

Holly said...

yeah, it was on the internet for awhile, wasn't it???

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natalie said...

I had no idea about this book! But you're right, I would definitely be much more interested in hearing about the wolf pack than some random character that I don't even remember anything about! As for Eclipse, I saw a trailer that didn't exactly thrill me, haha... but for my friend's bday we're going to see it, so yay :P