Monday, August 23, 2010

Degrassi stories

Jordan Todosey as Adam the trans-gender student.

The past few weeks Degrassi has had the boiling point in full swing, 4 nights a week with the new kids.

Ali & Drew
1. We find out that Drew and Adam aka Grace are siblings. Possibly, step-siblings. The writers weren't exactly straight on the issue, but with so many blended families today, well, family is family.

2. Drew, a fantastic athlete, is pretty much dumb in the academic department. But Ali (smart kid, we guess) doesn't care. She just wants to be popular with a very cute guy and will go that extra mile to get she does with Drew through party-time,etc. However, this really gets to be on again off again. Bottom line..Drew is a player.

3. His sister/brother, Adam has the strangest of story-line, but the writers want to make aware trans-gender issues. More so than any other time in history, we are making waves to let those decide even in middle school or earlier if they want to be a boy or a girl. In Adam's case, she feels she is a boy trapped in a girl's body. And yes, Adam likes girls but she doesn't feel she's 'gay'..just trapped. Thus, dressing as a girl.. she starts burning herself. One good thing is the relationship between Adam and Drew. He is there for her. No matter what.

Bianca the trouble-maker
4. Jenna finds out she's pregnant just when she's on some teen idol show. And all this time her boyfriend, KC has been really sweet and congenial..even going as far as telling her that he loves her no matter what size she is..BUT..and a big but..he just can't be around as a Teen-Dad. I thought this was the lamest of all the storylines. First, I don't think that's true to caring KC's nature. But we'll see how it pans out. Jenna is going pregnant and continuing with her dreams to be on the teen idol show. Break-up.

5. One of the most delights of the show during the boiling point was Munro Chamber's Eli. He starts with telling Clare..she has pretty eyes. He's a bit of a goth dude. Kind of scheming when he gets bullied. And a real romeo with Clare. Or so she thought. He's haute. He's cold. Eli's got a secret. And his best friend is Adam.

But wait there's more. LOCK-DOWN this week.


Em [the writer] said...

I don't watch Degrassi but reading this made it feel like I was watching it in my head right now.

ivy's closet said...

well, thank you so much Em.

ellie said...

I have been watching it. I so love Eli. I dunno what to think of KC now.

meg said...

Yeah, I always have to see just how the storylines will pan out.

Sara Lynn said...

I have never watched it but i really wish I did :/

lucy and sarah said...

I especially love the Eli & Clare storyline.