Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Faun Fables - music review

Can't get inspired with your next LARPING exercise? Well, give Faun Fables a whirl. Its just what you need to get you back to another time. How real music felt either in middle earth or the late middle ages.

The band is made up of  Dawn McCarthy who left the New York music scene back in 97 to move to Okland, California to bring in a funk. However she has does worked with Dan Rathbun on much for her music energy. There are family members in the band that you will hear ever, so often if you pick up one of their CDs. My favorite would have to be The Family Album that a friend gave to me recently.

Nils Frydahl
Current members are now Dawn McCarthy: composer, vocals, guitars, percussion, stomping, autoharp, gamelan, Nils Frykdahl: composer, guitars, flutes, vocals, percussion, autoharp, broom, Kirana Peyton: bass, vocals, percussion, harmonium, Meredith Yayanos: violin, theremin, vocals, percussion.

Dawn's voice is a bit of a throw back of Janis Joplin, at times..but with an old folk twist. I have doubts Janis could ever be this sublime. Much of her music is story-telling. But she has real musicians to back her up. This is music you could rest too. Picture a different time in your head. It'll make you smile. It'll make you wonder why you are listening to it. And is everything relative? Perhaps it really is.

(make sure to listen to Eternal..the last video)

So far the band has produced 4 cds. The latest is The Transit Rider.

Faun Fables


DFF said...

definitely, a very unique band.

ellie said...

They are really interesting. Love the last song too.

axel said...

so offbeat and beautiful!

meg said...

Definitely not like any band I've ever seen.

Keith said...

Thanks for sharing that. I had never heard of this band before.

Sara Lynn said...

How cool! I have never heard of them before this, they are awesome :)