Wednesday, August 18, 2010

going through changes

Morgan Jeffery reported this:

The Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen has admitted that he enjoys exploring the dark side of his character Jeremy Gilbert.

He told that the character will continue to evolve in the forthcoming second season.

"Jeremy has been one of the most favorite characters I've ever played, just because he has gone through so much, and he has been forced to make so many changes," explained the actor. "You can only be hurt for so long before you turn hard. And that has been interesting to see his progression as the series has gone along."

However, McQueen - the grandson of Hollywood legend Steve McQueen - refused to confirm whether Jeremy will become a vampire in the new season.

"Obviously I can't say whether he makes that change or not," he teased. "But I can say that Jeremy has been pushed around a lot. [In the new season] he starts to push back and stand his ground. He also begins to become a little more cold and calculated."

The second season of The Vampire Diaries begins September 9 on the CW.

I also hear there are big things to come for Michael Trevino's character Tyler the form of werewolves. So naturally, I decided I might do yet another twist with the Jeremy & Tyler fanfiction. This one is mainly focused on the moment Jeremy takes Anna's blood. Of course, Tyler would have to be involved in this..somehow...

Tyler's Turn


cass and cady said...

What fun! wow..I had no idea.

jeremy's turn said...

Yeap, looking forward to it.

ellie said...

This should definitely be interesting.

ori said...

It looks like something fun to go to for a laugh.