Thursday, August 19, 2010

what a girl needs

OK, I was thinking practical over at Dorthy Perkins. Even if its so hot and muggy and no end in sight with ghastly temps, a girl has to think about fall. And a coat or two. Of course, I just can't wear anything I want to work. Like no open toe shoes due to the dangers of something falling on your toe. I work at the library. And yes, to most it would be, you are just so lucky..all those books! That means being on your feet and putting them away. Not reading them. And you have to look helpful and practical.

I found the tan chain strap satchel to be very classic, yet practical to put all my needs in. I've always wanted a double breasted coat. And this would be perfect for fall. Also the black ruched sleeve jacket caught my eye, but the necessity in life at work is a good fitting straight leg trouser.

And who doesn't love shoes or boots.

Of course, this doesn't mean I'll be getting anything from this site. But it can at least inspire me when I am looking at Salvation Army or Good Will...and of course, Target.


meg said...

You definitely the right trouser for fall.

Holly said...

I'd like a coat like the first one.

axel said...

I do like the satchel.

natalie said...

I really like the trench coat, and the satchel! Like, a lot. Haha. And of course, fall is the perfect time to break out the boots!