Friday, August 6, 2010

Greenberg - dvd review

I know its kind of late in the game to review it. And you might not appreciate it, unless you enjoy Baumbach's work. Or expecting to see a comedy. Which Greenberg isn't. Its not a Ben Stiller wickedly funny comedy.

Instead, you get a very sensitive Ben Stiller as Roger Greenberg who just got out of the mental hospital who comes to see his brother who has..needless to say gone on vacation. I can't say I loved the film as much as Margot at the Wedding or The Squid and The Whale. And some people do find Baumbach a bit depressing. Of course, I've always loved The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I might be one of the few to admit this. I do like how Baumbaugh feels life. A little unsure. Anything is possible and odd and just have to embrace it or just go on in your stubborn ways. He has a way of exposing how we are one life of our own and sometimes, we have to stop and think, oh..what's going on. And what we see, we might not always like it. That's in the case of Greenberg. He does speak whats on his mind. He gets mixed up with his brother's assistant who might as well be a part of the family.

Awesome Greta Gerwig is Florence. Who just isn't an ordinary assistant. She's 25 and feels sure she is not where she's really where she ought to be. I loved the conversations on her drives alone,  "Let me in. Will you please let me in." Sometimes, she gets in where she needs in traffic. Other times she doesn't. She has the best lines. My favorite, she says to Greenberg. "Hurt people hurt people." Of course, he can't remember who said that to him. In real life Gerwig is a writer, playwright, director. I'm sure we are to see more wonderful things from her. Unfortunately, her Florence likes to feel things and well, she has a way of getting into predicuments that she wished she hadn't. But she finds Greenberg vulnerable and sweet, yet he can lash out at her at times too.. because he takes pills and drinks and doesn't drive..or he's just being Greenberg.

Sure, you might find it wordy and clumsy and sad. Greenberg is not your best friend. He's not even his own. Doesn't even want to think he's even half Jewish because his mother was protestant. Still, its great how the writer/director can bring all these things that make up a life. Character driven. Even the health of the family pet. This is a journey. Perhaps a comeback. But oh so very Noah Baumbach.


nick and heath said...

I did like it. But very unusual. Not at all what I thought it was going to be about.

natalie said...

I've never seen that or any of the other films that you mentioned by Baumbach, but I will definitely give them a try! It sounds like a fascinating movie to me!

Sara Lynn said...

I wanted to see this when it was at the main art theater by me but it is really expensive! Iam glad it is on DVD, I am going to con the boy into watching it this sunday :)

ori said...

really a quirky and unusual movie.