Thursday, August 5, 2010

magnetic fields-underwear song

A pretty girl in her underwear
A pretty girl in her underwear
If there's anything better in this world
who cares
La mort, c'est la mort
mais l'amour, c'est l'amour
La mort, c'est seulement la mort
mais l'amour, c'est l'amour
A pretty boy in his underwear
A pretty boy in his underwear
If there's a better reason
to jump for joy
who cares....

Definitely my all time favorite song of the Magnetic Fields from their 69 Love Song CD. They are rather quirky.Stephin Merrit is the main key to this unique qroup. A Boston Naive who is the lead singer, arranger, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist for the orchestral indie-pop act. Magnetic Fields is at its best with nifty wordplay. Its said their music is a  Tin Pan Alley and Broadway show tunes with the dour and minor-keyed yet self-deprecating tone of indie-rock. Magnetic Fields' masterpiece came 1999 triple album 69 Love Songs, which does exactly as it says on the box: on each disc there are 23 remarkably consistent and varied songs loosely about love or lust or romance.

Merrit's bleakly (and haunting voice) amusing lyrics are definitely something to savor.

The band was formed originally in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1990 by friends Merritt and (percussionist / pianist / vocalist) Claudia Gonson. Although - 1991 is Distant Plastic Trees and 1992 - The Wayward Bus (now most easily available together as a compilation album, The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees) is sung by Susan Anway all subsequent albums principally sung by Merritt himself.

Longime members include: Gonson (cellist) Sam Davola and (banjo player / guitarist) John Woo Contributors include (but are not limited to) the singers Susan Anway, Dudley Klute, Shirley Simms, and LD Beghtol and accordion player / author Daniel Handler (known for writing children's books A Series of Unfortunate Events under the pseudonym Lemony Snicket). Wish I could find a video of this with more coolness. But this was the best I could find. The song's great.


ellie said...

I love that song!

Sara Lynn said...

lol I have never heard of them! I am excited to check out more of their stuff :)

ori said...

Its a cool song.

lucy and sarah said...

I do love it.

Anonymous said...

Hey cool blog! Wanna check out mine? I'm an aspiring musician :)

natalie said...

Interesting song! I don't think I've heard anything quite like it, really. Cool! And WHOA, I never ever knew what Lemony Snicket's real name was until this moment. Daniel Handler. I feel enlightened.