Thursday, October 21, 2010

It gets better

Yesterday was the day to go PURPLE. Everyday, we should be more aware of our surroundings when it comes to bullying.

Just when one hopes that society is much more congenial to sexual orientation in our seems we've taken a 180 degree turn backwards. We all come from different back grounds, and yet there is that universal sense that we still carry. Some might call it survival of the fittest.

One might consider just where the bully is coming from, occasionally. Is it possible they were ever the victim and they are only acting by what they know? There are lots of possibilities. And yes, we should know right from wrong. And we would love everything to be a text book scenario. Unfortunately, that's not the way the world works. 

Of course, I didn't start this about the bully. I have seen bullying from time to time at school. And it isn't pleasant to watch. Its hard to jump in and defend that person. But usually, if you're the crazy girl that everyone thinks might go off the deep end, well, it might just work.

Remember to scream and yell. Protest is the key. If it means getting a trip to the Principal's Office, it will be worth it. The fact is to get the word out. Don't hide it. If enough people know, maybe, just maybe the course of reality can be changed for one individual.

Just when things might feel hopeless and you never want to set foot outside again, there are others just like you. Don't give up. Be you. Nurture your creativity.

Mysterious Skin. Disturbing but a  movie that makes you think.

I'm glad Joseph Gordon Levitt's isn't afraid to make movies like this.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Joseph Gordon Levitt has such amazing range as an actor! :)

ellie said...

Bottom line, treat everyone with kindness.

nick and heath said...

I so loved Mysterious Skin

natalie said...

Purple for a purpose! That was definitely a fantastic cause. <3 And Mysterious Skin was such a great movie, I love JGL.