Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something about MTV's Skins

The latest episode, 'Tina', on MTV's SKINS was about the teacher who has a relationship with Chris (her student). Naturally, the outcome was far different from the original where the teacher didn't have any major consequences to deal other than a gay guy she got engaged too. But due to the 'authorties' here in America, well..there was a pretty much predictable outcome. Statutory rape and jail.

Alison's like a ghost watching Tina at school.

Tina played by Anatasia Phillips is overwhelmed as a teacher, but she's so young, the students are more less a group she hangs out with, everyday. As Tea says, "We love you, Tina." They don't even address her as Miss..anything. The year book club won't even let her be in charge. They've given that privilege to a 15 year old, they can count on - nerdy Alison.

He was Noah on Vampire Diaries.
Dillion Casey who's character was definitely memorable on the Tina episode.

Its also Tina's birthday, and she wants a date. Actually with a grownup. The guy across the hall. I'm not sure we ever actually get his name, but he's the dream date played by Dillon Casey. (Anestasia and Dillon used to a couple in a Candian show - M.P.V). Of course, she doesn't know how to act around him. She's not around grownups, but other teachers. And she wants to hide from Dave the nerdy teacher. Who I still haven't found the name of yet, but he's really quite a character. In the end, its Dave who catches Tina and Chris together, and she is off to jail.

Dave, the teacher stalking Tina is David Reale who reminds me of Seth Meyers from SNL.

Does Chris look like someone a teacher could fall for?

Chris is creepy, anyway. Such a party animal.  Even his voice is strange. But that's not a picture of Chris down below. I dunno who that is, but I wish he was part of the show. He's just a face in the crowd in the Tina episode.

I don't know why this extra can't be a character on the show.

They were showing faces of other kids on the show and I could think of plenty I would want to get to know, other than Chris. Not as a sexual interest, but just in a genuine potential of a unique character. But Chris saves her at the end. Saying nothing really happened when it did. Still, she quits teaching and moves back home.

My favorite storyline of this nature was in LIFE AS WE KNOW IT (an ABC series that didn't last very long a few years ago). But its best to read it in Melvin Burgess' DOING IT(the Americanized version was based on this). Its a British tale of three friends who dare each other. Of course, none are really ever honest with each other, either. And the one having a secret affair with his teacher feels he's the one who will be the bad person in all of this if he doesn't stay with the teacher while all along his pals are sure he's gay.

Truly, this is a complicated matter plaguing our schools more than ever. Especially, between women and boys. I feel the story did reach the idea of how people who teach are closed off and in a different world. Some people aren't meant to be teachers. As that old wise line keeps insisting... You can't be a student's must be their teacher.


ellie's desk said...

This was definitely a hard role to play. But I'd definitely watch this actress in other things.

molly said...

You did bring up some interesting things about this episode. Especially, Dillon Casey as 'evan'..I thought it was so funny when he told Tina, "You say LIKE a lot..."

But I did keep thinking he was gay..then he said he wasn't..but no way did he want to have sex with her car. He was the the so called vampire in Velmont.

Em [The Writer] said...

Cool low down.

So I am totally in love with Ellie Goulding's new cd, ever since you reviewed her a few months back I've been listening to The Writer non-stop <3

Syed said...

I have yet to check out the American version of Skins. But the latest UK season (5?) has been a bit of a disappointment to be honest. Feels like the writers are just trying to make it 'cool' rather than exploring the characters like they did in the first two seasons.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I really would love to see this show. Your recaps of the episodes always pique my interest so much! :)

She is Sara said...

I haven't watched the show, but can I just say that Dave is cuuuuuute??? Go for him lady!