Friday, July 22, 2011


Degrassi will have a 7 week run (29 episodes) to fulfill fans with its NOW OR NEVER summer. This means meeting new characters on the show to.
B's past finally catches up to her just as she and Drew are heating up.

Annie Clark's Fiona

This time around, I thought the writers started off with a bang, giving it almost a bite of SKINS with Drew and Bianca's storyline. Yet, as usual, they tend to falter and never quite live up to the capability of where the story could have gone. Such as..why would a gangsta be at a Keke Palmer concert?

Even so, the show does carry some very interesting alternative lifestyle storylines, so that's a plus. This time around we have Annie Clark's Fiona perusing more of the dating game. While transgender Adam played by Jordan Todosey might get some action this season with new comer played by Chloe Rose, who is the new popular girl.

Also this time around Munro Chamber's Eli is heavily medicated and feels nothing, basically, about anything. This was sad to see his character this way. Especially, when last season ..well, he was kind of a psycho.
Justin Kelly
James Edward Campbell

Justin Kelly has arrived as an old friend of Clare's, but is the new guy at school. Most definitely, he makes his mark early on as Jake. Justin and Munro used to be in the series THE LATEST BUZZ. He was also on THE JENSEN PROJECT. The only downfall is that this actor looks a whole lot like the bully from last season Fitz played by James Edward Campbell. But I have a feeling fans won't even notice after Justin Kelly's first scene on the show. Also Fitz is not coming back to Degrassi. Dang.

So things are heating up this summer for a lot of storylines on the show. One where a senior guy gets involved with his female teacher. Also Anya who turns 18 gets involved with a much older guy. Still many fans would like closure with old characters. Like what's Peter doing these days? While some may still wonder why Holly J is still even in high school.

Robin Brule

While on one hand, I think the writers are reaching for more realism in their characters, but solutions turn up pretty quickly, usually. An interesting fact, Robin Brule plays K.C.'s Mom on Degrassi while she plays Michelle's Mom on MTV's SKINS. She definitely does not play the same mom on these two very different teen shows.


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Cafe Fashionista said...

Can you believe that I have never before seen this show? Insane, right? :P

better days said...

I'm glad they've got Justin Kelly on.

meg said...

The first week is definitely looking interesting.

Gianella said...

If the storyline is like Skins', I'd totally watch it too :D