Saturday, October 8, 2011

50/50 - movie review

Some are calling it 500 DAYS OF CANCER. But its certainly not a movie to laugh about. The story is based on a friend of Seth Rogen's, who had cancer. Still I have mixed feelings about this movie. First off..its Seth Rogen's character. Could be..he was just too close to the subject. But if he'd been my friend in that situation, I'd have kicked him to the curb in the first scene with him. Seth was not all that funny. Just his run of the mill self, obsessing and using disgusting words as what he wanted to do with chicks he found for one night stands.

Joseph Gordon-Levitts is true to his character, Adam. He's not quite like the guy in 500 Days of Summer. Possibly, a bit. Still, I wouldn't have wanted to see any other actor take on this role like he did.

Fortunately, Bryce Dallas Howard plays the kind of girlfriend you can hate. I hope she doesn't keep these roles up. She might get typed cast. Anjelica Huston plays the mother, and she was great at her part. She worries and it shows, but she's also having to take care of his Dad.

Truly, this is a film that will hit home with many. Its a film that is relate-able and honest. And Levitts gives a genuine performance. Life goes on, and you come away with the thought, that his character truly learned to love.

Twilight's Anna Kendrick certainly knows how to pick films that puts her farther away from the Twilight hex. She was awkward, genuine and true as Adam's young therapist.

Who knows, perhaps this film will bring some Oscar nods. Hard to say, but I'm hopeful.

TRIVIA: James McAvoy was cast as Adam, but had to drop out due to personal conflicts. Joseph Gordon-Levitt replaced him after being called by Seth Rogen less than a week before shooting was scheduled to start. He accepted the role just two days before.

STORYLINE: Adam is a 27 year old writer of radio programs and is diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. With the help of his best friend, his mother, and a young therapist at the cancer center, Adam learns what and who the most important things in his life are.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Anna Kendrick is such an adorable actress - love her! :)

ellie said...

Wow..I dunno what I would have thought of the movie if James had been in it. I love much. 2 of my favorite actors.

She is Sara said...

Wow I really wanted to see this! I am loving your reviews :)

blue hearts said...

I so love Joseph!

mazzy may said...

Really looks good.

Anonymous said...

I liked the review.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the great review - now i
will go to the movie.