Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is it a big deal?

OK, I did get bombarded by anonymous people when I tumbled a few pictures of Max Records, commenting how wonderful his character was in THE SITTER.

SPOILER ALERT: Max Record's character Slater is full of anxieties. He feels sure something is wrong with him. Its during the movie he learns he's gay.

However, some people have already written the actor off as it being a very bad thing... GAY. There is a rumor that at 13, Max has already came out of the closet. Of course, I have no idea if this is really the truth. But I'm seeing in studies, that many pro-active parents support this trend. This goes along with transgender pre-teens, as well. We are learning there is a fifty-fifty chance they'll change their minds, or they will be very comfortable with them-self and the choice made.  And by taking on this challenge early on, its easier to reverse the affects later(if the case may be). So this might be a really good thing in the end.

Slytherin crackship

Even so, we should look at Max Record's acting abilities. He really has the charisma to play anyone he wants to play, and I'm glad he's taking chances.

Max is in the short film Blinky which is getting quite the buzz, as well.

"Records is 13 now, but at the age of eight, according to IMDb, he "led a protest for vegetarian options at his school cafeteria." Beside his impressive turn in Spike Jonze's film, he also played young Mark Ruffalo in Rian Johnson's "The Brothers Bloom." Next for him is "Blinky," the feature debut latest short from Oscar-nominated filmmaker/animator Ruairi Robinson. The teaser trailer shows Records' character acquiring a retro robot (so hot right now) as a toy/playmate/mechanically smiling possible threat. The film will presumably turn up on the festival circuit soon." IFC



Krystal said...

that sounds really good..

Cafe Fashionista said...

He sounds like he's going to be a true star! :)

meg said...

He's smart and so remarkable. I can't wait to see the films he gets.

mazzy may said...

He's really an adorable guy.

The Chic Etoile said...

Really fantastic post.... I think that your blog is so interesting :) :)