Friday, December 16, 2011

The Sitter - movie review

From the first scene of this movie, you might doubt the heart of it, but it isn't long, perhaps a minute or two in, you see this is a character driven story. Its not one full of being the butt of jokes. This movie was before the Jonah Hill diet transformation. And I'm glad it was. There is something endearing about those eyes of his, even if his voice. Jonah helped as an executive producer of this film, too.

Kyle Bunberry as Roxanne
Max as Slater

I must admit it was better than I anticipated. The casting was great. Everyone from the drug dealing Sam Rockwell to the miscalculating Ari Graynor who you might remember as the drunk girl from Nick and Norah. Oh, and the talents of Max Records just makes the movie all the more real yet edgy. And I must add the beautiful Kylie Bunberry to the list who makes this movie work.

Here is a story about a college guy who isn't exactly what his father counted on having..especially, when he's been suspended from college after a few bad choices. Still, his Dad has moved on with the babysitter and starting a new family. Still, Noah Griffin cares about his Mom, wanting to see her happy. And he wants to make the girl (he dreams of having a relationship and they just might have one) happy too. In one night, he hopes to see it through by baby-sitting the kids next door and scoring some drugs for his so-called girlfriend. Its quite an adventure in babysitting.

These aren't quite normal kids. Yet, their family might not be completely normal either. Everyone has dysfunction to put up with. Max Record's Slater thinks something is wrong with him. He has lots of anxieties, and needs his fanny pack of anti-depressants, while his younger sister Blithe, played by the fab Landry Bender just wants to be a celebrity and has definitely been influenced by the best but might be trying to grow up too fast. Add Kevin Hernanadez as Rodrigo the foreign adopted kid who stays in the basement had has a unique talent of stealing and blowing things up and you've got mayhem.

In spite of the night getting worse as one problem leads to another, we meet people Noah has gone to high school with as well those he knew in college. And between the bitter-sweetness, Noah learns a few things about himself as well as life lessons for the kids too.

This is one film that actually surpassed my expectations. Its not a laugh a minute comedy, but still it has laughs. Too some, perhaps too much potty mouth and then some. Perhaps it was a bit predictable, but still the characters had me wanting more.  I've always been a fan of Noah Hill. I loved the soundtrack, as well. I liked how the story included so many walks of life, too. This story has laughs, lots of adventures, yet some loveable characters that you'll think of fondly after you watch the film.

STORYLINE: A comedy about a college student on suspension who is coaxed into babysitting the kids next door, though he is fully unprepared for the wild night ahead of him.



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