Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Non-Fiction Tuesday - Its your year

Its a time for resolutions, goals, reflections. All for the good of getting yourself organized and having the best year possible. But where to start. Maybe these will help.

 Need to de-clutter. Here you have a quick-reading, picture-driven guide to putting your home in order. The first such reference created for visual learners, it shows how to get organized, one step at a time.This shows you how to store things away. You'll find in this book that everything has a place.

1. Organizing Your Home by Emily Wilska

This author gets to the heart of the matter. If its a spiritual guide you are needing in your life these days, this is the author who gives you a lot to think on. Even daily. Joel Osteen reassures readers that living life to the fullest potential is within their reach. He speaks of realizing the power of thoughts and words, and turning adversities into opportunities for growth. Joel's 90 days of motivational thoughts, inspirational messages, and helpful Scripture verses will strengthen readers' faith in God, in others, and in themselves. By applying these truths, they will be able to rise above obstacles and live in health, abundance, and victory.

2. Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen

"If you're struggling and think that one more book can't possibly make a difference, think again. MJ Ryan has the rare gift of breaking things down into clear pieces that can be tackled."
—Laura Berman Fortgang, author of Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction

If You have a habit to break, this is the book that's there for you.

3. This Year I Will by M.J. Ryan

Maybe its something physical you are trying to improve. Well, Tony Horton might have the answer.

 Over the past 25 years, Tony Horton has helped millions of people—from stay-at home moms to military personnel to A-list celebrities—transform their bodies and their lives with innovative workouts and cutting-edge advice. Now in his first book he shares the fundamentals of his fitness philosophy with millions more, revealing his secrets for getting fit and healthy and melting away pounds.
One-size-fits-all diets and exercise regimens just don’t work—that’s why Tony creates unique programs for each of his clients. In Bring It! he shows you how to build your own diet and fitness plan tailored to your individual lifestyle, preferences, and goals. With a Fitness Quotient (FQ) quiz designed to assess your likes, dislikes, and current fitness level, you can choose the program that’s right for you.-book description

4. Bring it by Tony Horton

Sometimes, you just need the right perspective to get things done. Thinking positive isn't easy, but with a little help from Richard Carlson..it just might happen.

Many people believe they can only be happy when their problems are solved, relationships improve, and goals are achieved. In this simple guide, Dr. Richard Carlson shows readers how to be happy right now — no matter the situation. His plan, based on the principles of Thought (thoughts are voluntary, not involuntary);Mood (thinking is a voluntary that varies function varies from moment to moment and these variances are called moods); Separate Realities (everyone thinks in a unique way and lives in separate psychological realities); Feelings (feelings and emotions serve as a barometer for when one is “off-track” and headed for unhappiness); and the Present Moment (the only time when genuine contentment, satisfaction, and happiness).  This timeless book guides readers through life's challenges and restores the joy of living along the way-book description

5. You Can be Happy, No matter what by Richard Carlson

 A subject you might not want to talk about. But at least this book might make you smile. And there is more to it that just looking in the mirror and telling yourself  "I'm going to bad in bed..really bad...." Somehow, I start thinking of a scene from Fox's  New Girl when I think of this book.

Barbara is a sex therapist. Her book gives tips from how to talk, to tease, what to wear and how to feel good about yourself. If anything, you can have a laugh, and perhaps unleash that bad girl in you. Well, a little of it, anyway.

6. Good Girls Guide to Bad Girl Sex by Barbara Keesling


Gianella Peralta said...

I love reading too! I've the This Year I Will book but I haven't started. I might soon though. Happy New Year!!! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a great collection of books for the New Year! :)

Aimee Victoria Long said...

happy new year!! I really like your blog and all the post you have done, really cool name to the blog as well, would you like to follow each other?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the awesome book list!

Eternally yours,

meg said...

Oh..my the good girls guide to bad girl sex..gotta check into that.

Winnie said...

I decluttered my room this week! It feels so good!

Sara said...

Hrrmmm that first one, I may have to look into that!