Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fiction Tuesday-Lauren Kate

Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York.

You might know this author from her FALLEN series. Her prose are amazing as well as her romantic characters. I'm sure the artwork on the books have caught your eye. Seriously, Lauren has wooed us with her dark romance stories. And we can't possibly wait to get our hands on the next one.

“Yeah,there was a whole chapter on you (Luce) in my eight grade History of Angels textbook,” Miles said.
Arriane clapped. “And they told me that book was banned!”

Come this June will be the end of the Fallen series with the book RAPTURE.

"Fallen angels sure seem poised to become the new vampires, with a similarly ideal blend of brooding mystery and sexy rebellion. After a fiery accident kills a boy she is crushing on, Luce gets sent to a reform school populated, most notably, by two gorgeous fellas, Daniel and Cam. Cam is safe and charming and eager to win Luce’s affections, while Daniel operates somewhere between aloof and downright hostile toward her. Readers will figure out Luce and Daniel’s star-crossed-lovers angle early on, making the hints dropped throughout about past lives and dangerous fates more obvious than compelling. Although there’s not enough story to justify the length of this series opener, readers who stick with it get rewarded with a climactic payoff that far exceeds the buildup. The final pages’ flurry of delicious information about what’s really going on with the cadre of angels and demons will likely leave readers more intrigued by what’s next than invested in what just happened. Perhaps the sequel will contain an explanation of what these immortal types are doing at a reform school in the first place." --Ian Chipman

The series starts out with Fallen, then comes Tormented, Passion and Rapture.

Something for everyone in this one with the supporting characters. We find out Arianne's a lesbian. Yet we might not get to read who we wanted to read about. However, if you've been wanting to read about Tess, or Roland and Rosline, as well as Miles and Shelby..here is your chance.
 Lauren Kate has such amazing romantic descriptions in her books. Although, I find the guys far to perfect, at times. Although, this is a paranormal theme. Overly romantic, at times cheesy. But she is an exceptional writer and she knows how to give the reader what they want.

In February, Fallen in Love : a fallen novel in stories came out. I am not sure if the fans nor Lauren will want this series to end. There is rumor that FALLEN the movie is in the works.

DREAMCAST! Alex Pettyfer as Daniel and Lucy Hale as Luce

Lauren Kate



Cafe Fashionista said...

I have seen this series so many times in stores but have never purchased. It sounds incredible! :)

Gianella Peralta said...

I keep on seeing these novels in the bookstore but I never bought any of them. Maybe I'll try them now. And yeah, I like Alex Pettyfer too! :)

lucy and sarah said...

I've always loved the artwork on the books. Its great to find the series T-shirts...if you can.