Thursday, April 19, 2012


This band started up in 1994. They were always so raw and DIY. Its like Joanna Newsom met up with Conor Oberst and had a love affair. Most of their stuff is self-recordings. San Francisco based, the two that started up the group were Rob Fisk on guitar and Greg Saunier, drummer/keyboard. Later came Vocalist/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki. Of course, the band's have had their ups and downs since then. Artists have left. New ones have came. Still this band has held on to the theme of being a beautiful mess.

"Deerhoof doesn’t get the respect they deserve. They were quirky and annoying before it was cool, and they’ve been around so long that they’ve circumvented the Pitchfork hype machine, so you don’t really hear much about them. The only way I even knew that they had a new album was when it showed up in the WMSC rotations, and after I heard it, I was baffled that nobody was talking about it. The difference between Deerhoof and all of the experimental quirk-pop bands they inspired is that Deerhoof actually writes catchy riffs and melodies, and Deerhoof vs. Evil might actually be their most experimental and most conventionally melodic album yet, somehow. They’re just that good."-joedegroot

"If music were my hot hot sex, Deerhoof VS Evil would be the soundtrack."-redsonya


"From their initial two-piece noise rock roots to their balanced modern day quartet, Deerhoof’s sound has transitioned over nearly two decades into their recent tenth studio release, Deerhoof vs. Evil.  Cited as an influence by many modern indie groups, Xiu Xiu and Sufjan Stevens for example, Deerhoof is a must listen!"-B


Cafe Fashionista said...

I am beyond in love right now! :)

lucy and sarah said...

They are a great band!

amy b.s. said...

i love finding cool new bands!

mazzy may said...

Oh, they are still extra-ordinary!

Bonnie said...

Never heard of them before but totally need to check them out now.
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