Saturday, April 21, 2012

Degrassi Notes

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Last night episode was definitely heart-felt on Degrassi. Honestly, I had no idea Jahmil French who plays Dave had it in him to be such a good actor. I hope someone is taking note of his emotional response in the storyline.

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And performance of the night goes to Jahmil French.
Sh*t, can that boy act! I was blown away. -the nihilist

You can block me all you want, but you can’t make me disappear.-photo credit

This season one of the evils the writers are exposing is Texting while driving. Which is something we should never do. But the writers are also show how obsessive teens are with their phone. We can't seem to live without being in constant contact with the social media.


In the episode before Dave couldn't live without his lifeline, his phone or was it Ali (played by Melinda Shankar)? He worked so hard to get back Ali, who's smart and focusing on her studies now. He had hooked up with another girl over the summer. Of course, Dave breaks all ties with the girl, yet she wants him more. She shows up at Degrassi.

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Lets just say Degrassi writers took texting to a whole new level. The girl (Joelle Farrow as Jacinta) steals his phone and is so obessed at Texting Ali to tell her that Dave got back together with his last year summer fling .. Jacinta walks into traffic. Lets say it ends very emotional.

Truly texting while driving is a serious matter. Also there has been a study that many (especially tween girls) who are so obsessed with texting...  that they don't know how to show their emotions face to face. I was glad Degrassi did this story.

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Another thumbs up was(Jordan Todesey) Adam's blind date with (Lyle O'Donohoe)Tristan who's bestie Tori (Alex Steele) thought Adam was a gay guy. Of course, Adam wasn't thrilled to be going out with a guy since Adam is transgender. Naturally, Adam went back to Clare (Aislinn Paul) who of course gave her a positive twist to the situation. So Adam went back to talk to Tristan. It looks like they can be friends, after all.

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Of course, there is more Degrassi to come.

REMEMBER! Don't Text & Drive. - photo credit


Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't believe I have never seen this show before. It sounds amaze! :)

ellie said...

J. has grown up so much on the show.

Anonymous said...

wow the cast of Degrassi has changed so much!


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lucy and sarah said...

Oh, he's growing up. Right before our eyes.

caitlin and megan said...

Oh, these actors are really growing up.