Thursday, April 12, 2012

someone still loves you boris yeltsin

The band now: Will Knauer, Philip Dickey, John Robert Cardwell

The three original members of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin -- lead guitarist Will Knauer, drummer Philip Dickey, and bassist Tom Hembree -- met in high school in Springfield, Missouri, and soon formed a pop band. It was Dickey who came up with the group's name while shopping with his mother one day in the local mall, and he also wrote most of their early material. Once in college, the trio added singer/guitarist John Robert Cardwell and bassist/recording engineer Jonathan James to the lineup, and the band set up a makeshift studio in Knauer's home to record Broom, which became their indie debut in 2005.

Lucky crash, out of cash, we’re in the poor house.
Honey pie, dontcha cry, we’re still together.
Like so many, we’re facing the weather.
Honey pie, you know I’ll love you forever.-what'll we do

Perhaps the band will give a FLASHBACK to some of you. A time when you might remember them from a favorite show.

Broom was only meant to be local. However, going online..changed everything for the band. Spin caught wind of the group's breezy pop music and the rest was history in 2006. Then came spring, their song "Oregon Girl" ended up on an episode of The O.C.. Next a contract with Polyvinyl Records followed, bringing a remastered version of Broom. There have been changes in the band over the years, but still these guys keep making music. Their latest CD came out in 2011.

Pleasure to behold,
A silhouette so real
yet oh so static.
Measured and controlled,
Let’s down her hair, takes off her army jacket.
I’m trying to figure out what’s right,
Do I stay or go?
For all she doesn’t know.
‘Cuz she wishes that she still had it.

Some Constellation by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

These guys are prolific song writers. And one of my favorite indie bands.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What an awesome name for a band! :)

lucy and sarah said...

I always love Oregon girl! And love their new stuff, too.

amy b.s. said...

what a hilarious name for a band!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Such a cool band name. You know, I didn't think I knew them until I played a couple of songs and definitely recognise them. Obviously we get such different tv shows and music to each other but a lot of your shows like the O.C and One Tree Hill seem to penetrate our media. :) do you get much of our shows? I doubt it ;)

Cool Post! You always provoke a new thought in me :D


meg said...

Oregon Girl! Still a favorite of mine. So happy to see them still at work with their music.