Sunday, June 24, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

There will be haters of this movies. Especially, those who read Seth Grahame-Smith's novel. Because the movie doesn't exactly follow the book. Still you've got some major players from the book. Especially, Abe Lincoln. Who knew a movie nor a novel could create such an American hero of a different kind with a secret life and an Alternative History of the past, but this film certainly achieved its goal. Making you could have happened.

Grahame-Smith thankfully gave us a rich history of his own fan-fiction of the president which involves vampires and giving a whole new meaning to south during the Civil War. As for the movie, the setting were divine. So was the cinematography. It was great that the movie gave such a true American Gothic spirit. And for the most part, the special effects left a certain kind of drama of war that definitely had a truth to it.

There is something fondly Liam Neeson - like about Ben Walker. And to think he could make Abe Lincoln so genuine, sincere and yes..even quite an accomplishment in this film.

Anthony Mackie plays Lincoln's childhood friend Will Johnson (who actually was Lincoln's childhood friend). It was good to see him in the film. Also Dominic Cooper was quite cool in all those antique sunshades as Henry Sturges. Another of my favorite actors in this film was Jimmi Simpson as Joshua Speed, Lincoln's other close friend.

"I’ve never been attracted to Abe Lincoln, until I saw him destroy vampires and twirl an axe with his shirt off. That movie ruled and anyone who disagrees is incorrect."poignant-moments

Ben Walker as Abe was so much better than I anticipated. Lets say, he probably looked better shirtless than Abe ever did, but I might be just. Still there is something so earnest about his presences (even Mr. Lincoln would be proud of that)...yet he was definitely the man for the job as a Vampire Hunter with his silver plated axe with a mysterious gun inside.

Oh, Henry Sturges! An Amazingly cool part for Dominic Cooper. Loved those shades. A new definition to steam-punk.

"Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Rufus Sewell, and Jimmi Simpson all play their parts exceedingly well. In fact, I didn’t find any fault with any actor in the film.
And last but not least, the Vampires are as they should be….
SCARY and MENACING. NOT Bloody Sparkly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"-MiseryLovesMe

"I LOVE THIS MOVIE.  The scene with the stampeding horses has got to be one of my most favorite “chase” scene of all times, but I’m actually surprised… ….because the 3D DID actually add depth to the movie, enough so that the fighting sequences (especially the slow-mo Ala Sherlock Holmes style) were absolutely breathtaking and beautifully choreographed.  "- the caramel yak

 "The vampires actually look like monsters. Instead of making them beautiful and glamorous, there was a definite sinister air about them. They were predators. While some of the movie’s mythos was not explained (like how they can walk in the sun), the vampires in this film had angler fish like jaws and teeth when in full vampire mode. Their eyes reflected like a cat’s and got veiny and sunken. During fights, they can make themselves invisible. A lot of movies and shows that involve vampires tend to disregard the invisibility."-ATWIRD

The vampires were definitely scary and violent. Yet, some might be squeamish with so many horses used as weapons of destruction in this film. Still, the film kept moving. Although, I felt there was a good balance between the different kinds of drama in this film and also making it a period piece.

"Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Todd does not come off as a pest or annoying as the female support. She has a purpose and does a great job with what she’s given. And she has her own kickass moment. Whoop!"-MiseryLovesMe

I admire the costuming and set design, as well in this film. And of course, Mary Elisabeth Winstead was lovely and definitely Mary Todd Lincoln at her best.



Krystal said...

it still looks interesting! i would just have to not read the book first!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like an interesting film. I guess as long as you haven't read the book you're likely to enjoy it. :)

ellie said...

Dom was uber sexy as well as Ben..I thought it was a pretty cool movie.

ivy's closet said...

Grahame-Smith wrote both the novel and the screenplay. And to think he was the writer of RJ Burger. Wow...

This movie was so much cooler than I ever anticipated it to be.

Yet, this movie has spawned so much slash fan fic of Abe & Henry..that was the last thing I ever saw coming.

As if..anyone would want to know this.

meg said...

Dom was so incredibly sexy. And Ben was great, too. I loved this movie!

FWB said...

Such a cool movie!