Saturday, June 23, 2012

Don't Go in The Woods

This is a first. A horror musical. But don't get this confused with Rocky Horror Picture Show because this film was not going for campy even if they are out camping.

First Impression: It reminded me of an episode of SKINS when we learn Effy's true colors on a camp-out with Freddie's girl, and the mystery of the hunters and of course tripp'n on m'shrooms. If only this film could have been as excellent as that one episode.-Lucy&Sarah

“Just do it. Just ride with it. I don’t think that you should try to do something too grandiose to start with. Just approach it as an experiment—that’s how I think about it—don’t put so much weight on it. If you feel like it’s your passion, then most likely, you have a talent. So just try not to do anything that’s too difficult to start with. Do something you know.”
…. Like killing people in the woods. [laughs]

Vincent D’Onofrio, on his directorial horror debut, “Don’t Go in the Woods”

Its a film from Vincent D'Onofrio who wrote and directed it back in 2009 but didn't get much press until 2011.

Hopefully, Matt has been bitten by the film bug. I think he might really be good in films.

I think Matt could play a long lost Gallagher on Showtimes' Shameless

The main character is Nick (Matt Sbgelia) who is just a bit like the lead singer of Bright Eyes (hint the musician does have bright eyes) Conor Oberst. Supposedly, he might be emo. He just wants his band to drop out for the weekend and get creative. No cell phones, no drugs, no alcohol and girls. Just the guys, one with nature out in the woods.

Oh, there is music. Plenty of it. Perhaps to much of it. Although, I will admit I'd buy the soundtrack. These guys are pretty good musicians and singers too. Yet, at times I found myself wanting to write a better story. Because the slasher stuff gets pretty typical.

Pretty soon, you get the jest..Nick doesn't want anyone around. Even if their groupies find them and want to spend some time with them. Hey, these girls could make great back up. Anyone, thought of that?

There is even a blind guy in the band. Actually, he was my favorite singer out of the cast.

I kept thinking afterwards, what would have made this movie work?

Starters, I would have casted Sebastian Gregory... if you couldn't dare pay the price of Aaron Johnson. Lets face it, Johnson can chew up a script a spit out with plenty to savor. Especially, if you need a psycho character(Chatroom..stealer psycho!). Of course, we didn't have one of those, exactly. And I'm afraid even Aaron couldn't save this mess. Still, it makes me wish Sebastian would quit drumming for the Veronicas and make a film or two.

sebastian gregory tumblr

It would have been awesome for this dark curly haired dude to decide to shave his head at the campfire and tell his loyal band they were going punk, and everyone needed a safety pin in their lip to shed a little pain for their art. But that didn't happen, either.

Still, if you can figure out this just might give you a good laugh in the end. Hopefully, Vince has learned a lot from this film. I hope he makes more. And I hope someone decides to sale the soundtrack. I just might buy it.

Yes, we have a killer on the lose in the woods. And a lead singer smashing up cell phones. Hm? Maybe there is a connection.

Too bad we couldn't have seen more development in Nick's character. Not even his girlfriend can understand him. But, it might have really been something if we got a wee bit more of a back story on Nick than his lame story of camping once. If only, we could have seen someone with a second personality. Possibly, a whole neighborhood of people in his head. Even better...a guy who thinks he has a band, but wakes up to find he never had one. Or did he?


Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks / sounds incredibly creepy. :/

meg said...

I want to see this. Wish Sebastian would make more movies. I love his films.

ellie's desk said...

It was definitely a different kind of movie..than anything I've ever watched.