Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Breaking Pointe

Reality TV is going places its never gone before. The BALLET. Really, CW is taking us on a journey. Giving us culture where its due. It show how hard these true dancers are working to be part of a ballet company.

I was really impressed with the insight of these individuals. Plus its a lesson in learning all the terms used in ballet, as well. So, two for one. So to speak, when you watch this show.

Follow Beckanne who is only 19 and in a lead part of Ballet West.

You are getting an education about what it takes to be in their shoes. Also, we get to see how unique every individual is. There is also the drama of the hierarchy of the ballet company (BALLET WEST), as well.

Ronnie Underwood is definitely not your typical ballet guy. Tattoos and all!

Breaking Pointe Confessions

"It’s the name of the game, and if you deny it you will get left in the dust." Allison DeBonna

Allison is a more seasoned dancer but still has to work as hard as those who are just coming in to Ballet West.

(Rex) Men of Ballet West can not to be over looked. Even if they are young and impressive.

"For my new summer TV love, I’m really hooked on The CW’s ballet reality show, Breaking Pointe! This show is pretty much Black Swan: the reality show, without all the creepy thriller mind tricks. They set up the show to make it feel like we’re getting a really exclusive inside look at the behind the scenes drama, which is hard to resist! It’s just as good as I’d hoped with all the intensity over who gets in and cut from the company, who gets promoted, and who’s dating who!"-Sin Titulo



Cafe Fashionista said...

As someone who takes ballet, I definitely need to check this show out. It looks / sounds incredible! :)

ellie's desk said...

This show is really addictive!

caitlin and megan said...

I'm really getting in to this show.

monica said...

people are always overlooking how hard ballet dancers work. it's tough life