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Fiction Tuesday - Intangible

Synopsis: Twins Sera and Luke Raine have a well-kept secret—she heals with a touch of her hand, he sees the future. All their lives they’ve helped those in need on the sly. They’ve always thought of their abilities as being a gift. Then Luke has a vision that Sera is killed. That gift they’ve always cherished begins to feel an awful lot like a curse. Because the thing about Luke’s ability? He’s always right. And he can’t do anything about it.
 "It didn’t take many pages for me to realize I was going to adore this book, and then the appearance of Jonas confirmed it. In case you’re unaware I am a complete sucker for Vampires"-books and tea

J. Meyer is a self published author. Her short story about Sera and Luke Raine - Intuition caught a lot of readers by surprise. They wanted more about these gifted twins. So Meyers wrote quite tale and has been getting lots of wonderful reviews on Good Reads, and Amazon.

Intangible is one of those novels that can be enjoyed by many who love a good fantasy, yet with some very real life situations.

Recently, we asked the author a few questions about her characters and what's next for Luke and Sera. 

Ivy's Closet: What inspired you to write about the main characters in your series, Luke and Sera?
J. Meyers:    My original idea was just a girl who could heal with a touch of her hand. But three of my four kids are boys and I knew they'd want to read it when they were old enough. I felt that I needed to include more male characters to broaden its appeal, so Sera got herself a twin brother. :-) Which meant I needed to do some research about twins in order to portray their strong bond as realistically as I could. I really love that the main relationship of the book is Luke and Sera's sibling and twin connection, and that Sera's romance with Marc is secondary.

 Ivy's Closet: How do you decide how to bring such supernatural characters to this series.
 J. Meyers:   The addition of so many supernaturals grew as I wrote the book (and continues to grow as I'm writing book two). Initially, my idea was to have Sera be able to transform vampires back to human with her healing touch. But I didn't want it to be just a vampire book. So I started researching mythological creatures and fell in love with the Light Elves of Norse mythology. In reality, I'm taking pieces of different cultures' mythologies and weaving them together to fit my fictional world. Which is REALLY fun. :-) With adding the other supernaturals, I had to give them a place to come from or live since they're not known in the Real world, and thus the Realm was created. Which was great because it opened the door for me to use any and all supernatural creature ever thought of or come up with some of my own. I love not being limited. ;-) (Which I think is what I love most about writing fantasy.)

  Ivy's Closet: Do you enjoy creating villians? That was one scary vampire you created in Lilith.
J. Meyers:    I'm so glad she was scary! I did enjoy writing her, though she didn't come naturally to me. I actually don't like watching scary movies anymore and I've never been into horror novels (I've never read a Stephen King book--I saw a couple of movies of his books when I was younger and I knew the books would be even scarier so I couldn't go there!). I used to enjoy horror films when I was younger, but I find them too disturbing now. So writing Lilith was a challenge because I'm just not well versed in horror. Her scenes took a lot of revision to get right.

  Ivy's Closet: What inspires you to get to writing?
 J. Meyers:   I love creating things, so I was very inspired to create this story and the world the characters live in. I was strangely compelled to write it, actually. I don't know why, other than I really felt it would be a good story. Also, on a personal level, writing the book was just mine. It had nothing to do with the rest of my life as a home schooling mom, friend, wife, daughter, sister. It was something that was mine alone to do, to create, and I felt passionate about working on it and finishing it.

    Now, with working on book two, I'm inspired to write for two other reasons in addition to the one above: first is the overwhelmingly positive response from readers (which has blown me away). From the initial reviews, readers have been asking for the next book, which is really the best compliment I think a writer can get.  And the other reason is that I'm so excited about a new aspect of Luke's gift that shows up in the next book. It's just so incredibly cool I can't wait to make it come alive on the page.

  Ivy's Closet: Will Luke get a love interest in the next book?
 J. Meyers:   Is it too spoilery if I say that things heat up a bit for Luke and Fey? ;-) (I'm excited about this too. They have this connection...)

   Are there any possibilities between Sera and Jonas?
J. Meyers:    There are. I haven't totally figured out whether it can work with them or how it would work. But there are definite possibilities.

  Ivy's Closet: Is Marc gone for good?

J. Meyers:   How could he just leave like that and not come back to try to make amends? ;-)
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