Monday, June 18, 2012


Do you need a Rock God in your life? Probably not, but if you've wanted to see Tom Cruise really perform among a few others, then this was your weekend to get to ROCK OF AGES.

Their romance is priceless!

Too adorable for words! Julianne can even make a fanny pack adorable. She certainly had her 80's down. Perfectly!

It has an awesome cast! You've got Russell Brand being his Rock Stud self with Alex Baldwin (of all people) but definitely perfect for their parts! And then the sweet and playful (Sherrie) Julianne Hough with yet the equally sweet and playful (Drew) Diego Boneta! A story for everyone. And a soundtrack you just can't wait to get your hands on.

The musical really moved along. It honestly didn't feel like a 2 hour movie that went over a few minutes. 

But who stole the show? Well, it was Stacee Jaxx, of course.

The definite soul of rock and roll. Such glorious narration in music!

Yet Catherine Zeta-Jones was a strong hold as well as the mayor's wife. There were also some amazing performances by Mary J. Blidge

Malin Akerman was such a big surprise in this movie. She was the uptown kind of girl in her glorious 80's perm as the reporter trying to get the real deal story on Stacee Jaxx. She was so Christie Brinkley in her dreamy look. There were some very sexy scenes with her and Tom Cruise.

Seriously, a fun time. If you enjoy 80's rock music then you are sure to want to watch this movie. It really brings out the rock just as it should be. Justin Theroux wrote the screenplay for this movie.

We all know he could have played Stacee Jaxx! Infamously!



Cafe Fashionista said...

What an incredible cast! Julianne looks adorbs! :)

FWB said...

Tom was something in this. Yet, I'd love to see what Tom H...could have done too...;)

mazzy may said...

I'm so happy Diego was in this.

Sara said...

Haha, this movie looks so funny. And Yes, I almost died when I saw that pic on Twitter Saturday, what a sexgod.

Syed said...

Holy smokes! Took me a minute to realize that was Tom. Looks like one heck of a fun role!

monica said...

this is one movie that i cannot wait to see