Sunday, June 17, 2012

TV Dads

One of my favorite TV dad would have to be Enrico Calantoni as Keith Mars on Veronica Mars. I love the father and daughter relationship between these two. It was great to see that she admired him enough, even when he was down, to want to follow in his footsteps as a private investigator. I loved that they liked to cook for each other and could usually be honest with each other. It was the kind of relationship that let you know that he would have loved and cherished her even if he'd found out he wasn't her biological father. And Veronica would feel the same about him.

In TV, you don't see this kind of father and daughter bond. So, this part of the storyline really made Veronica Mars special.

film fever

At the moment, my favorite Dad on TV would have to be Neil Flynn as Mike Heck on THE MIDDLE. He has to be one of the more realistic dad's on television at the moment. He doesn't say much, yet he is there for his wife and kids even if they aren't sure they always believe it. Honestly, after watching Flynn on Scrubs, he was the last actor I felt who could make such a believable dad. Many of us have the silent type Dads. And Flynn's Mike certainly is a character that rings true to a lot of families.


I'm also happy to see Jeremy Sisto as George Altman on Suburgatory. Once a teen actor is now showing he's got what it takes to be a real Dad. And you can see as a single father he adores his daughter, Tess(Jane Levy). Its easy to see who has him wrapped around her finger. Still, they have their little battles. And I think most fathers have these little obstacles to get through with their daughters in the teen years. I certainly want to tune in next season and see where George goes as a dad and with his love interest.

Happy Father's day! Who's your favorite Dad on TV?



Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE Veronica's dad on Veronica Mars - he was incredible!

Gah! I cannot believe Elton from Clueless is now playing a dad on Suburgatory! :P

ellie said...

Subgurgatory has to be my favorite new show!

mazzy may said...

Oh, I love Jeremy as George!

monica said...

my favourite dad was bob sagot from fullhouse