Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mark Duplass

Two movies you want to keep in mind when you think of Mark Duplass. Safety Not Guaranteed & My Sister's Sister.

The Duplass Brothers

If you are looking for improvising movies, then you'll want to catch him in action in these films.

He directed Cyrus as well as Jeff, Who Lives at Home. His characters are quirky yet put in such genuine circumstances. Duplass is certainly one to watch for in film. Especially, if you enjoy a good indie film.

"SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED - I’m just going to admit it; I’m a fan of Mark Duplass because I love The League. But it’s because of his role as Pete in The League that I started watching his mumblecore work - and now I’m hooked on him as an actor, though my juries still out on mumblecore. Featuring Duplass as a quirky personal-ad placer, Safety Not Guaranteed is of higher-production value than his mumblecore flicks, and appears to be action-packed, clever, and fun. The psychological/sci-fi aspect looks nifty(though I predict a magical realist ending), and the varying levels of inter-personal relationships seem charmingly real. Out this weekend!"- trixiedelights

Mark works as a filmmaking team with his brother, Jay. He likes indie rock music. Occasionally, he's in front of the camera too.

He's married to Katie Aselton who was also in THE LEAGUE, a TV series that Mark played Pete in. She played Jenny. It was a semi-scripted comedy about a fantasy football league.

Mark has a way of being semi-scripted. Possibly a trademark(as well, as wearing a blue hoodie). He's also in a band. Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!



Krystal said...

that looks GOOD!

Cafe Fashionista said...

His facial expressions are priceless! :)

caitlin and megan said...

I do like his work.