Friday, June 29, 2012

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Its one of those movies that tells you in the beginning how it will end. But as the movie progresses, all quirky and unpredictable, you begin to wonder, oh, its not gonna happen.

This has to be my favorite Steve Carell film by far. He plays Dodge and his wife (actually, Carell's real wife) leaves him as soon as she hears about the huge android "Matilda" that will hit the earth in 3 weeks, or maybe sooner.

Screenplay writer, Loren Scarfaria who also directed this movie, is used to people starting a relationship, just by chance as in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. She has a gentle touch of bring back the past to somehow change the future through offbeat characters.

Kiera Knightly was remarkable as Penny in the movie who thinks of herself as a dabbler. She hasn't exactly found her calling. Possibly a real free spirit who can sleep through a lot things.

Adam Brody plays Owen, Penny's ex. Although, it wasn't a big part, but in the little bit we see him, we know exactly who this character is.

The movie is quite a trip. Just what would you do if you knew the world was ending? Dodge has to go to his close friend's party and it is definitely not like their usual party's. It doesn't stay much of a downer, for long. Asking around the table, about what their plans are before the end of days.

Actually, its a story of two people helping each other. Penny wants Dodge to find his lost love, and Dodge wants to find a way to get her home to England.

I liked the idea of Penny taking her favorite records with when they have to leave the city. Of course, one might wonder what you'd take if you had to evacuate instantly from your home. Just one more thought with all the natural disasters we face, from fires to is important to have a bag ready for emergencies. But neither of these characters do.

This movie was definitely heartfelt. And this sentimental comedy drama certainly made the most of Steve Carell. I'm happy I went to see this movie. Its true, there is still joy in the simple things in life.



Sara said...

Oh I want to see this so bad! I like both of them so much :)

Cait said...

Adam Brody was unrecognizable in this film. It was really a movie to think about..after you watch it.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This actually looks/sounds like a fantastic film; and I LOVE Keira Knightley! :)

caitlin and megan said...

She's so good in this movie. I love to see this quirky side of her.

Martina Lam said...

does anyone know where that record is from?!?!?! i really want to know!!!!!!!!

Martina Lam said...

does anyone know where the record in that pic is from?!?!?!?! i really want and need to know!!!!!

ivy's closet said...

Martina, that album is from Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass called -Beat of the Brass...

I hope that helps.

It has songs like Monday Monday, Cabaret, Panama, Slick, A beautiful Friend, The Robing & This guy's in Love with You.

Herb really helped a lot of brass bands back then.