Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saving Hope

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: In SAVING HOPE, when charismatic Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks, STARGATE SG-1) at Torontos Hope-Zion Hospital ends up in a coma, he leaves the hospital in chaos and his fiancée and fellow surgeon, Alex Reid (Erica Durance, SMALLVILLE), in a state of shock. Along with newly-arrived star surgeon, Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES), Alex races to save Harris life. As the action unfolds, comatose Dr. Harris wanders the halls of Hope-Zee in spirit form, not sure if hes a ghost or a figment of his own imagination. Reid, along with her fellow doctors, press on to save his life and those of their other patients, as they deal with the complicated and courageous decisions that are made in their daily struggle to keep hope alive.

One of my favorite reasons to watch the show. Good acting. Interesting story, too. Daniel Gillies.

A very personal and interesting take on the doctor in a coma premise.
Women definitely at work. Getting to the bottom of things at the hospital.

Some one to watch over. Thank God for Canadian TV in America.
 I am having an out of body experience.. in a tuxedo.. wake up, you dumb bastard.
Saving Hope

Looking for some new medical drama to fill your summer? Saving Hope really has an interesting cast. Impressive, to say the least. There is the major storyline of the main character in a coma, but his character is still caring for all those others in limbo with their guest-star storylines, as well. Definitely, the show has heart. Also it shows the ugly side of what doctors put up with patients and vice-verse.

It just might be your favorite new show.

Can't help but love Erica Durance's expressions.



Ewelina said...

sounds interesting!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love, love Erica Durance - she was my favorite thing about 'Smallville'. Cannot wait to check out this show! :)

caitlin and megan said...

Such a unique show!

Winnie said...

Ah I rather like Daniel Gillies. He has such a great character in TVD but will be interesting to see him in this new role!

Laura said...

You had me at Daniel Gillies! Can't wait for this show!