Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hollywood Heights

 This is the Americanized version of Alcanzar una estrella  from 1990. Josh Griffin heads up the writing on this show. He's written on various other soaps like General Hospital, One Life to Live. Unfortunately, many of our day time soaps have hit the dust. Only a couple remain. So I'm glad their is a show back putting writers and actors to work.

Ashley Holliday is Melissa. Lauren's best friend who wants the best for her. She doesn't get along with her Mom and one wonders about her mother's mysterious past.

Fan girls who just want to see Eddie Duran in concert.

However, the verdict is still out if Nick@Nite should be airing the show. Yet, this soap remains true to real soaps. Yes, its cheezy, but at the same time very addictive.

You just love to hate Chloe (Melissa Ordway).

He's definitely a scene stealer!

Thanks to actors like Justin Wilczynski who is also a musician from Bonnie Dune. I just never knew he had such a bad boy attitude. There is also the true sweetheart to root for, Brittany Underwood as Loren Tate, the girl who loves to write songs, especially for her teen idol, Eddie Duran (Cory Longo).

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Loren (Brittany Underwood) a smart, shy and independent high school senior who has ambitions of being a songwriter and secretly sends her song lyrics to her celebrity crush, rock superstar Eddie Duran (Cody Longo). Loren's wildest dreams come true when she not only wins a songwriting competition sponsored by Eddie, but strikes up a friendship with her idol. Eddie sees beyond Loren's potential as a songwriter and gives her a first break as a singer, and when the truth about his less-than-faithful girlfriend Chloe (Melissa Ordway) is revealed, Eddie and Loren's friendship blossoms.

Haley King plays not so bright yet popular Adrianna. She is also Joey King's older sister.
Nick Krause plays Adam who is caught between Lauren and her best friend, who just so happens to be his best friends too. Although, he's not really an Eddie Duran fan, but he likes Lauren's music.
Robert Adamson is bad boy #2 on the show. He plays Phil, Melissa's older brother who has their Mom wrapped around his finger. But he's definitely not on the up and up when it comes to a real job.



Krystal said...

pretty people and drama always go together i guess :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

This show definitely sounds addictive - I totally need to check it out! :)

mazzy may said...

Great to see Nick in some thing and Justin, too.

Brooke said...

I love this show! I am hooked on it! I always watch it and even my mom loves it!!! Love eddie and all of the cast!

ivy's closet said...

Yeah, Brooke, I'm definitely hooked on this show too. I'm actually rooting for Tyler, most of the time. But I love Lauren and her circle of friends too. She does have a beautiful voice. And I'd buy that song if she sang it with Eddie.