Monday, July 2, 2012

Magic Mike

You can definitely get sidetrack to the story of this movie. After while, some might even ask..Oh, there is one?

Well, yes there is. Sure, there are the fan girls (Moms & Grandmothers included) who giggled nonstop when the Magic Mike show was on. Still, there is the dark side of the nature of this so called life. And when a misfit, like Adam (Alex Petyfer) gets in the mix, trouble is abound to happen.

Honestly, as in characters, this movie really showed how the usual average 19 year old guy might be, who can't find a job, who would rather be gaming, sleeping, stealing snacks out of the fridge. Yeap, that was possibly some real acting on Petyfer's part. And of course, to learn his part when he finds he's got the goods that some would pay to watch.

There was lots of fun to shine in this show. Especially, with Matthew McConaughey who hammed it up a good bit for the ladies. And what is there not to like about Channing Tatum? He's HOT on the dance floor. Definitely, a likeable guy. Thus we get to see a lot of fun. Yet, there is a darker side too.

We see the movie evolve with Adam's character who gets caught up in the life of being a male stripper. Not all is fun and games. Drugs. Three ways and foursomes. And thugs.


Of course, there are haters to hate a lot about this movie from many points of view. Still, their is a certain kind of redemption that I think we want to define. I'm not saying its complete by any means.

I thought Cody Horn was definitely one we can hope to see more in film and TV. She might only pout. Still, I think there is a certain independent spirit about her that we can appreciate.

Also Riley Keough definite made her moment in the movie. Another provocative scene stealer, Olivia Munn.  Just wish there had been more Matt Bomer scenes.



Ewelina said...

must see!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I just don't think I could get into seeing a male stripper movie - it doesn't appeal to me. Maybe when it comes out on DVD I'll check it out. :/

Krystal said...

this looks like it would be funny :)

StreetChic by Eriel said...

that's post is so cute! my congrats! u have a great style!!!

StreetChic by Eriel said...

that's post is so cute! my congrats! u have a great style!!!