Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Bag of Hammers

 Jake Sanvig who stars in the indie film, and Brian Crano who directs the film also wrote the film together.

I have no idea why this got such a low rating on Imdb. I thought it was beautiful. I laughed and cried and hoped and wished! The actors, who I have not seen in anything before, were cute too. I think this is one of those films that is a secret but really awesome.- M

A BROMANCE that could have been so much more!
“A bag of hammers” was really good. I just wished the 2 guys kissed at least once.  But they didn’t explore that because both of them were straight. I’m sure there would be some people that say “why do you have to make everything gay”. Well I usually like to put myself in a movie if I see myself in it, emotionally joined with who I am today. Of course it’s 2 guys just raising a kid. And of course I want a husband and kids also. I just hope that my whole life doesn’t go by without it happening. I’m going to make it happen.
By the way…Jason Ritter was so hot.-Mr.X

Jason Ritter stars in the film as Ben who is (Jake Sanvig) Alan's best friend. These two might be the most unde-rated actors around, yet perfectly cast as misfits. Although, not that off the wall. Possibly, you've met someone like these guys in your own life, which makes the film all that more endearing.

"We all get a bag of hammers, you know what i mean? I mean, whether it’s being poor or catching cancer. Divorce. Losing your brother. Losing your mother. You know what I mean, Kelsey? It’s… well, but, the thing is… t-the thing is, is what you do with these hammers when you get ‘em. Cause that’s what shows you what kind of a man you are. Even if you’re not ready to be one yet." Ben from A BAG OF HAMMERS

"I've never felt the need to review a movie before, but I absolutely loved this movie and as it finished I just wanted to tell someone to see it! As it's Friday night and all my friends are busy at the moment I'll just have to tell you guys: Go and watch this movie!" Ingrid

Rebecca Hall plays the waitress that's Alan's love interest while Amanda Seyfried is possibly the girlfriend from hell that keeps messing with Ben's head.

"An odd tale of misshapen lives, tortured souls and the good in people. This story of discontent illuminates the realization to simply make the best of a situation, and hopefully be given a helping hand along the way."-Kol

If you are up for an indie flavored movie, then you might want to catch this one. Its not perfect still it has some ordinary performances that just might be extra-ordinary.

Linden Lea- Johnny Flynn

Storyline: Two misfit best friends incapable of growing up, whose direction is tested by an abandoned child, worn beyond his years; together they invent the family they've always needed.



monica said...

hmm going to try to check this out

rebecca hall usually picks great roles

Cafe Fashionista said...

What an awesome cast of actors - definitely need to check this one out! :)

MOSAMUSE said...

looks good! you know, you should submit your reviews to a teen publication and see if you can be a movie/book reviewer! u do a great job

Chris Ed said...

cool post. I want to se it:)
xx chris

David said...

I just watched Bag of Hammers. I was happily surprised at the quality of the film despite having almost turned it off after 10 minutes. I just wanted to comment on the film because no else has mentioned it. (On my review on Netflix I didn't mention it as to not spoil it.) The main characters, Ben and Alan, are gay. Maybe it took a gay man, myself, to see it, but to me it was pretty clear by the end.

Obviously the filmmakers wanted to make it a little bit of a mystery and I'm sure some of it was picked up on by the general audience, but there are several huge clues that that is their actual relationship. 1) In the dialogue between Ben and his ex, Amanda, she states "Was I just some hole for you? What does he have that I don't?" In addition to this comment there are several other revealing phrases in this exchange. 2) When Ben and Alan are playing Chess, Kelsey asks if Ben and Alan have some Penthouses they could trade. Ben says that he and Alan have to go "light [themselves] on fire" at the suggestion. 3) Marty, the shop owner, comments on the uniqueness of Ben and Marty's relationship of 10 years, nothing but each other, they are lucky.

It seems that the film intentionally avoided revealing the sexual nature of their relationship. Perhaps it is a political statement about the irrelevance of orientation when raising a child. I think more likely, however, it is to tell a story, to provide intrigue about the relationship between two hurt individuals who have found solace in each other.

I doing a little research about this, someone stated the director said he purposefully didn't want to show Ben and Alan in the bedroom. That all but proves they the characters are gay. Even without this bit of information, I think there is enough in the film to come to the same conclusion.

I'd love to hear yours or anyone else's comments on this.

ivy said...

David, thanks for your review. Its good to read your input. Maybe there will be more movies like this out there to find.

Thanks again, for your review.