Friday, July 13, 2012

Bianca Lawson

We might always think of her as Maya, Emily's girlfriend from PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. But Bianca has moved on. Finally, she gets a true grownup role on TEEN WOLF as the guidance counselor. Of course, is she on the up and up?

Naturally, she questions Lydia about all her problem. Not sure she's getting anywhere with her. Still she could be the deep dark secret of the whole show, this season.

What would even be more fitting if Lawson's character could be (Tyler Hoechlin) Derick's love interest. He so needs one. Yet, she might be a demon of a different kind. Oh, the drama of paranormal television. Yet, it would be so great to see these two actors together and develop some sort of chemistry. Even if its lethal.

I can only hope.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I used to watch her on a show when I was growing up - something like Saved By the Bell. I always adored her - she's an awesome actress! :)

kiki said...

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Chris Ed said...

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mazzy may said...

So love her in everything she's done!

MOSAMUSE said...

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