Saturday, July 14, 2012

Michael Fjordbak

Who's that guy on Teen Wolf who has a thing for Lydia? Is he a ghost? A figment of her imagination?

According to IMBD he has been in nothing other than Teen Wolf. But now he should be in more much more.

Pretty blue eyes. Something remotely emo about him, yet not. I have a feeling he is so much more than eye-candy. He plays Junior on Teen Wolf. And he might be out to do Lydia harm, but he might save her, too. Hard to say if he's good or bad yet.

"The news article from Season 1, seen directly after Kate’s murder. It says, “Hale’s son, 35-year-old Frederick (some word here) is missing.” Teen Wolf has been known to make a few mistakes in the past; could this be one of them? I don’t believe Peter was old enough to have a 35-year-old son, considering he looked to be about this age himself. But with the thought that he might have a son, and with this new boy hanging around Lydia, it’s setting off alarms in my head. When she hallucinated about Peter in class, he was there. When she lost her dog, Prada, he was there. Not only that, but he handed her what appeared to be a wolfsbane flower, asking her to keep it until the next day (if my memory serves correctly). Perhaps he was trying to conduct his own investigation, figure out if she would shift with the flower because he is somehow in on all of this. The past few times I’ve seen wolfsbane used near any of the werewolves in the show, they shifted (see episodes 1x02, and a brief glimpse in 1x04. Derek’s eyes changed color with it in his system, so that counts, right?) 
So yeah. Hopefully I’m right about all of this and not just thinking too much of it."-ohthetwistedthingsyoudo



Ewelina said...

He has beautiful eyes!

kiki said...

it's a postcard! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

He has such gorgeous eyes! I LOVE the last photograph of him! :)

Ann said...

I agree,
he needs to be in more shows... or movies. His eyes are amazing.

meg said...

I'm hoping his character is real. He's really cool!

Melissa Blake said...

I've never gotten into this show...seems to be getting really popular, though!

The Preppy Student said...

hes so cute! i love his look!

Krystal said...


StyleIDnet said...

Cute, cute ..... he is definitely charming.
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