Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jonathan Patrick Moore

He has a bit of an accent. But that's OK. There is just something about him that makes him spontaneous. Could be that sexy smile of his or wondering just how unpredictable his character Connor Lake will be on L.A. Complex.

On one hand, he's the luckiest fellow on the show. He has a way with the ladies, and luck is on his side when it comes to getting a gig on a TV show. See, its a TV show about people trying to make it in Hollywood.

He's one of the most interesting characters on the show. To the outside, his Connor might look like he's got it all together. But he has his vicious episodes. Each week, you hope someone will find him out, but then again, this Connor is a pretty good actor.

Jon got his start as Angus on Australia's Neighbours. He was also in the TV series ALL SAINTS. You might remember him in the TV movie WILLIAM & KATE. But then again, he didn't play Will. He was Ian. He was uncredited in SAVAGES. But he's in TV movie with Sara Paxton, BLUE -EYED BUTCHER.

Hopefully, we'll see more of Jon on American TV.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Definitely a cutie! :)

ellie said...

I got him mixed up with a British actor who's gonna be in a new show with Lucy Lu. I really hoped it was this actor.

His Connor is so complicated on L.A. Complex.

lucy and sarah said...

I like that he can play such a happy character, then turn around and be so warped.

Chris Ed said...

lovely post, you are so creative, every day!
xx chris

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