Monday, July 30, 2012


 Ryan Guzman is being compared a lot to Channing Tatum lately since Channing got his start in the first STEP UP movie. Who knew this sort of film would be a sensation that many would keep wanting to come see. Thankfully, there are people out there who do want to keep promoting dance. Especially, with such amazing dancers.

 It was actually pretty frickin’ amazing. The dances in this one were just as good as the last one, and at parts, were even better. I’m seriously still on a bit of a high from it, actually. Haha, my friend and I couldn’t control our inner fangirl when Moose popped up on the screen. There were a few others from Step Up 3 that made an appearance, so it was kind of a throwback for us Step Up junkies, but it was an amazing throwback. If you’re into any kind of dancing at all, I highly recommend you guys go see it. Hell, you don’t even need to be into dancing to enjoy the insane moves that they used in this movie. -cleverwordsbittersmiles

I have to admit out of all the Step Up movies I always felt the first one was the weakest. I was blown away by the second STEP UP. One of the biggest reasons was Adam Servani. And STEP UP 3 was in 3D which I didn't see it working, but it did. And there was more of Adam Servani's Moose in that movie. I love his moves yet his character was wonderful too. Unfortunately, he's not so much in STEP UP 4.

okay ya'll, shut up about the acting in step up 4. what do you expect? It's SUPPOSED to be cheesy. And I actually didn't think it was that bad.-the greatest thing

Yet, this story has moved to Miami. You have a story of a beautiful dancer, Katheryn McCormick who is genuinely sweet on screen, and of course, Ryan Guzman. I felt the film was pretty decent acting worthy. Especially, for him to be taking the lead. He had lots of help. Misha Gabriel as his best friend Eddy, not only could dance but truly be that best bud as well, who doesn't always do the right thing.

There is Cleopatra Coleman who only made you want to see her more. She is the magical DJ in the movie.

This movie centers around the MOB..thanks the Flash Mob these days. Yet, they gave it more art form. But as the movie progress, going from art, hoping to win a video something more, "protest".

As usually, its the little guys against the mogul played by Peter Gallagher. He's the big hotel owner who is also Emily's father. He's not that excited that she wants to be a dancer, either.

So we have the story of the guy as the waiter who meets the hotel owner's daughter, by accident. Naturally, they hit it off. Before we know it, she is wanting to be a part of their act. But as things progress, does the Mob go to far?

Moose:Yo,Mr Anderson! I’m Robert Alexander III,call me Moose!
Mr Anderson:Why Moose???
Moose:I think you have to say, why not moose, baby??

Naturally, the finale is big. Finally Moose shows up. Its hard to say if this franchise will keep going. Hopefully, there will be more stories to tell. Hopefully, they'll let Moose come to the rescue too.

If you like dance films, you are sure to want to catch this one in the theaters.

Scott and Ashley are a couple.

"On another note, I would like to indicate that director Scott Speer directed some episodes from the web series THE LEGION OFEXTRAORDINARY DANCERS (LXD), created by Jon Chu, which I highly recommend to watch as it provides a great alternative to your usual dance flicks (think THE AVENGERS but with dancing). It's not as bad as it sounds. Trust me." movie wizeguy



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I like it ;)

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Totally need to check this film out. Ryan is gorgey! :)

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Definitely, some amazing dancers in this movie.

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cute photos! i havent seen many dance movies but i think this would be a cool break from my norm
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