Sunday, July 29, 2012

The bad boys of Hollywood Heights

Chloe: What were you doing at Rumour?
Tyler: I didn’t know you were going to be there. I was hungry. I heard they make this really good mac and cheese with grier and gooda.
Chloe: Yeah, they do. I can’t eat it but it smells delicious.
Tyler: I bet its good, but its also 23 dollars. Macaroni and cheese. I mean what has this world come to?
Am I the only one whose attracted to Tyler? He’s so freaking bad ass!-a fan

There is just something about Justin Wilczynski  that can pull off the number one bad boy on TV's latest guilty pleasure ..which just so happens to be on Nick@Nite. His Tyler Rorke has a name that just insinuates he might be a lot to be reckoned with. And he does it with such glee. He's Eddie Duran's arch nemesis. And he's got it bad for Eddi's girl, Chloe. Just this week, we learn that Tyler is a preacher's son from Fresno. Tyler's cocky, and believes everyone else is out to get him. He could be right. He can't seem to get a good deal to save his life. He doesn't play well with other. Perhaps, Chloe is an exception to the rule. However, they seem to fuss a lot, yet kiss and make up, too.

“you should be asking how long chloe and i have been sleeping together behind your back….
and the answer to that is a long long time.” - tyler

Justin Wilicyznski is the front man of Bonnie Dunne. Perhaps you've heard of the band because of Glee's Cory Monteith. He's the drummer in the band. Back in 2007 Justin was in the TV series Kaya.

Bad Boy #2 - Robert Adamson

He's 27 but doesn't look a day over 17.
Hanging out with cast mates on Hollywood Heights
i liked Robert Adamson’s character Charles on Lincoln Heights better than phil on hollywood heights. haha both shows end in heights xD but anyway,idk like i keep forgetting to remember that a lying theif isnt who Robert really is and that phil is a character. xD-overdosing on Hollywood Heights

Possibly the most unlikely other bad boy on the show is Phil played by Robert Adamson. Yet, its a great roll for him. He's usually an actor who plays the good guy. Possibly, you remember him from Lincoln Heights. His character Phil is the poor little rich boy who feels the need to make his own way in the world. Unfortunately, that means stealing. He's also seeing the dumbest blond in the world played by Hunter King (Joey King's older sister). The two just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

I think the texter is Phil.
They always pick the person that you least expect so it has to be him.-panic assassin

Of course, each week, we hope his Phil will be redeemable and will realize how much his family really loves him.

These two characters are two that we come back to watch, nightly, five times a week. Its fun that these two have the opportunity to play it up BAD on a new soap. On one level..its pure cheesy, yet its a soap that centers around family. 



Chris Ed said...

I like both. Robert is cute:) lovely post.
xx chris

Cafe Fashionista said...

Boy # 1 has such incredibly gorgeous eyes! :)

ellie said...

I so love Justin as Tyler! And its good to see Robert play such a different part than he usually plays.