Monday, August 13, 2012

Hope Springs

I know what you are thinking. This would only be a movie my Mom or my grandmother would want to go see. Its got Merle Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. And they are gonna talk about sex with a sex therapist, no less. Its true, its about a touchy subject matter. In fact, its a topic we don't like to talk about, but maybe we should take to heart more.

i saw hope springs the other day and i was probably the only one under the age of about 50 in the theater. though it was the 10:30 am showing..but still. it was worth it.-Kim

If there’s ever been an example of a perfectly cast movie, this is it. Hope springs is a comedy about an aging married couple who end up at a week of intensive marital counseling after the wife decides she’s fed up with the loveless routine they’ve fallen into. At this point it really goes without saying that Meryl Streep can play anything, and she is typically wonderful here. Tommy Lee Jones is one of the most reliable actors in Hollywood, and he’s perfect as the gruff, closed-off husband who resents being dragged into counseling. Carell gets the chance to play the straight man as the marriage counselor, and he does a great job.-Oyster of Wisdom

Nothing intriguing exactly happens, and yet its about a couple who rediscovers themselves. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are young are old, or at the beginning or somewhere in the middle of the relationship, this is a move that just might spark an interest in your own life. You might start to question just how good  your own relationship is.

I was the youngest person in the theater by 20 years, but it was also 1:20 in the afternoon on a Saturday, so yeah. I have to say, I loved this movie! Meryl is my favorite actress, and I’m a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell as well. I love how Steve played his role completely straight, allowing Meryl and Tommy to be the ones who brought humor among the real life drama. I laughed a lot, I cried more than once. It left me with a lot to think about, about life and relationships.
So many people these days get married with the understanding that if it doesn’t work out, they’ll just get a divorce and move on. Marriage takes WORK, it’s a partnership, both people have to want to make it work in order for it to survive. Marriage isn’t easy, but then again, nothing worth having ever is. 
I recommend this movie to everyone, young or old, married or single, I guarantee you will learn something from it, and probably do some self reflection. -Lauren

I'm familiar with the fact that you aren't always going to do everything with your significant other. Its a very relate-able movie. Tommy Lee Jones was perfect for the part. His Arnie is a very good provider, and for the most part he will speak his mind.

Meryl Streep as Kay is possible typical of her generation. You perhaps want her to be stronger, thinking she isn't strong at all. Yet as the movie wears on, you see its her that had kept the marriage together these 31 years.

They are a couple living under the same roof, yet aren't really living. Just in a daily routine of things. She babies him. His breakfast is always on time. She knows what he wants to eat. And Arnie doesn't like change, but Kay has change in store when she gets him to go to HOPE SPRINGS, where Steve Carell plays Dr. Feld.

This is a movie about Arnie and Kay. We see their history..of falling in love, sex. And Kay does her best trying to be the wife that Arnie wants. She tries spice up their sex life.

Of course, marriage is a commitment that evolves. Yet the concrete of it, is how we spend time with each other and expressing our feelings to each other. This is definitely a movie to make you remember, the little things mean a lot. And who knows, it just might get you talking to your significant other.

If you've had enough action pack popcorn movies this summer, this is a great alternative.

Trivia: Jeff Bridges was offered Arnold's part, but turned it down. I'm glad Tommy Lee Jones was in this movie.

Even though I love the actors, I wasn’t planning on seeing this movie. ….the clip I saw had Stanley (Daniel Flaherty) from the US version of Skins in it, so now I have to see it…regardless of how minor the role! I love him!!-Antoinette

My only real complaint about the movie was the music, which was largely a rather jarring collection of adult contemporary pop that felt very out of place with the characters on screen. But that’s a relatively small complaint, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing the movie again in the future.-Oyster of Wisdom



Chris Ed said...

I love her, I think she is amazing actress, I want to see the movie because of her. Thx for the lovely review:D
xx chris

Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't know if this is something I would be interested in seeing; but great review!! :)

Sara said...

Oh I actually wanted to see this, I love them both and it looked cute!

Winnie said...

Gotta admit it, seeing Meryl Streep in this post has made me want to watch devil wears prada.

Melissa Blake said...

Marilyn FTW! xoxo

MOSAMUSE said...

i thought about seeing this movie... but i changed my mind. I feel bad.. i think its bcuz i see it as an "old ppl movie" thats aweful to admit