Sunday, August 12, 2012

Melissa Ordway

Ordway's Chloe Carter might be the most hated character this summer on TV. She is the cheating super model girlfriend on HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS. Her Chloe is sort of an evil Taylor Swift. To others she looks a lot like Amber Heard.

I just wanted to point out that the character “Chloe Carter” is NOTHING like the actress Melissa Ordway. The reason as to why some people hate her so much is because of her character Chloe Carter. I ABSOLUTELY HATE CHLOE TO DEATH!!! But I don’t hate Melissa because she’s an actress and she’s acting as the villain in Hollywood Heights. I think Melissa is an AMAZING actress.-live laugh love

Melissa is originally a southern bell from Georgia.

You might not remember..but she was in TED and IN TIME. Perhaps one of the hottest girls in 17 Again movie.

She was also on the TV series Privilege and Melrose Place.

With Brittany Underwood from Hollywood Heights.
It doesn't hurt to be with Justin Gaston, either.
They are engaged.
And to be friends with Miley Cyrus too.

Now she has a role she can sink her teeth into. We love to hate her on the show as Eddie Duran's ex-girlfriend. But she wants him back, even if she did cheat on him. She needs him for fame, perhaps. Its hard work staying in Hollywood.

Although, many do think she is a bit under weight and they do make a point of making that part of her character. Having to watch her weight since she is a model.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! She is stunning!! :)

ivy's closet said...

I was so shocked to find out who she was engaged to..and the thought of her and Miley being such good friends, too.

lucy and sarah said...

She is something on the show.

Ewelina said...

She has beautiful hair :)

Chris Ed said...

I don´t watch Hollywood Heights, but she seems really nice. she must be really good actress to play the bad part!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful - but she needs to eat! FEED HER, Y&R!