Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Notes from the closet

Rob is collecting Kristen's stuff. Somehow the shiny black bin bag in his hand reflects the darkness of Kristen's soul.-What Rob is doing Now

Lot of fans are still in support of Kristen Stewart. So, she had a fling with a director who is about 20 years older than her. Many of us are wondering, how could she do such a thing to Robby? Naturally, we think Rob deserves a better girlfriend. But then again, maybe its about time he's not tied down.

Of course, for the most part I've never quite believed there was a romance going on between the two. I never quite felt it, from watching the Twilight Saga. Still, ones romance doesn't always transcend on film. The cast of Twilight were a very close bunch. You know, like family. Then this happens.

I just realised that what with Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson, the Breaking Dawn Part 2 promo is going to be soooo awkward. The one i feel sorry for is Taylor Lautner cause he’s got to sit in the middle of them =/-CINDERS

As much as I would LOVE for Rob to be able to forgive Kristen and for them to get married and live happily ever after, I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he didn’t take her back. I wouldn’t.-Morgan

Actually, one wonders if TWILIGHT fame has jinxed them. God knows, they have money now, and pick and choose what films they want to be a part of. Needless to say, TWILIGHT has possibly kept them in a bubble, as well. Sort of like Disney groomed actors gone bad.

Robert Pattinson has my full support on this one, I wont even be mad if he doesnt want her back, even if I would love for them to find their way back to eachother. And to you sorry ass bastards out there that actually make support groups for Kristen fans, ask yourself this; would you like it if somebody you loved, build a home with, publicly humiliated you, by getting caught on camera making out with somebody that wasn’t you, then it ending up on the front page of every magazine as far as China? (this goes for rupert too btw)
Get to know what’s right and wrong people. Seriously!  -A Fan

Yet the question remains, will fans respect Robert if he takes Kristen back? I kind of think he will. In spite of moving trucks, etc. It just might not be this year.

1. I don't think he cares what fans think.

2. He sees the whole fan thing as a bit silly.

3. He's young.

4. He'd rather keep his life private.

REMEMBER could have been complicated even back then. "A source close to Kristen said: “She found it difficult to cope with Robert being close friends with another woman.”

If anything I’d probably be asking his advice. He has, like, military tactics to avoid paparazzi. It’s pretty incredible the operations that go on.
Reese Witherspoon about Rob

Saying that, I hope he'll get back to making intriguing films. Perhaps that interests him most. He has Cosmopolis coming out soon. This just might be the movie that changes everything. Hopefully, its a hit.

He's such a period piece actor in Bel Ami!



Chris Ed said...

Oh lovely post:D They were so sweet together...

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe what needs to happen is that they either need to fully commit at this point - by getting married; or simply move on. :/

Winnie said...

I'm really not that interested in Celebrity gossip but I have noticed the photos of Kristen and that Director guy, can't believe it was so blatant!

blue hearts said...

This is part of living.

I hope he's OK.