Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bear Attack

Out of L.A. comes BEAR ATTACK.

Members: Mia Minichiello (vox/piano/guitar), Eric Radloff (vox/guitar/piano), Nick Campbell (bass), Logan Shrewsbury (drums/percussion)

"Described as reminiscent of Radiohead, The Swell Season and Sufjan Stevens. The founding members met upon arriving at USC to be apart of the inaugural class of the Popular Music Program, and after playing together as backup musicians."-reverberation

Thanks to the Pretty Little Liars summer finale, I came to know Bear Attack. The love affair is only beginning.-a lack of color

Possibly, you heard their BACKPACK SONG on Pretty Little Liars. They came out with a CD back in April.

Backpack on my back, walking down a railroad track
Oh, I’ve been wanting to see you
Eyes upon the rows of trees, an endless sea in front of me
Oh, I’ve been longing to see you

You’ve been on my mind, talk about a lonely time
You don’t know how much I need you
Once I feel the downy snow, the only home I’ve ever known
I’ll hold you close when I see you

There’s no way I could let you go
There’s no way I could let you go
There’s no way I could let you go

And it seems to me
We sing soft and low
Such a sweet hello

Backpack on my back, standing on a railroad track
It won’t be long ‘till I see you
Why do I always have to leave the only one I’ll ever need?
Now hold me close while I breathe you.-backpack song


Chris Ed said...

Cool! Never heard about this band! I love the song!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Their sound is fantastic - love it!! :)

Sara said...

Oh, they look fun!

ellie said...

I'm so impressed with this group!

lucy and sarah said...

Such a sweet song.

MOSAMUSE said...

i didnt notice their song on the show...u have a good ear! i love their cover art!