Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ben Schumann

Ben Schumann plays Ed in Slide. Some may think he's got an Ed Westwick thing going on. However, Ben has a certain carefreeness about him where anything goes.

 By the way Teen Nick has cut so much from this Australian teen show, one might never get the gest of it. Even so..we can use our imagination.

Ed is, no doubt..a complicated character. He's not the most popular guy in school. He can hardly stand his parents and yet he is the good son, for the most part. Ed is possibly a lot like someone you might even know on your matter where you are from.

Naturally, he can't hardly wait to lose his virginity. But then you begin to wonder, just how many times does he need to lose it? Also he surprises you from one episode to the next with his friends. One begins to wonder, are they seriously friends?

Not only that, Ed is a bit of a follower. And no telling what he might do. Kiss a guy and he liked it?

Still, he is one of those confused by friends who accidentally gets into benefits like with his friend Eva (Adele Pervoc). To many viewers this did not sit well. For one Eva is somewhat unfeeling and does what ever she pleases. Naturally, we thought Ed would know better. But of course, all secrets are safe with him.

Then there is Tamie (Gracie Gilbert) who he's been childhood friends with, but she secretly loves him..just because he's Ed.

Ben is also in TANGLED another Australian show. He's also in the crime thriller movie JOHN DOE.

Definitely, he's one actor to look for.



Cafe Fashionista said...

He definitely has an Ed Westwick / Chuck Bass vibe about him!! :)

ellie said...

I love some of the lines Ben can deliver...on the show like.."I need more man friends, Tam."

Linda said...

He's cute!