Friday, September 21, 2012


 Charlie aka Charlotte(Tracy Spiradakos) is our mainstay hero girl of the hour.. in this new show on NBC that has gotten a lot of buzz. Its a bit like the new LOST. As a viewer you have a lot of questions. The world has (perhaps just the states) have been without power for 15 years. No way to keep cars going. We are essentially powerless. Everything is back to the old ways of living. Except those crossbows are pretty darn spectacular that Charlie uses against the militia.

I just want to thank #revolution for putting two totally different cuties in one #show now just keep it going for more that a couple episodes, for more then one season, thank you-smokensparkle

Its a story about keeping family together. And Charlie needs the help of her uncle because the bad guys have her younger brother, Danny. They have killed their father and perhaps they have no idea what they possibly have that could  help the world. But of course, it'll be a hard journey.

Graham Rogers as Danny has a bit of a Hunter Parrish thing going on.

Danny has asthma and is out on his own, doing his best to escape these men doing their job for the big bad guy Monroe who used to be friends with Charlie's uncle, Miles(Billy Burke.)

Charlile may or may not have a love interest with solider Nate played by J.D. Pardo. Is he a friend or foe? Tracy is definitely a confident actress. Many will wonder why she isn't getting more drama and of course movie deals. I hate to say it, but this girl can out act Kristen Stewart any day. Now I know that might not mean much, but I think she is the one who can pull in viewers.

Of course, we are all full of questions about what works and what doesn't in the black out. And maybe, there are a few out there who have the magic touch to get things back to working. Like old computers which reminds me an awful lot of LOST.

TWILIGHT CONNECTION: J.D. Pardo plays Nahuel in Breaking Dawn part. 2 and you know who Billy is in the Twilight saga.

J.D. Pardo makes a gorgeous girl too! In A GIRL LIKE ME.
J.D. with Jennifer Lawrence in A Burning Plain (2008)

We will just have to see if this new show makes it this season on NBC. Tune in on Monday nights. Check your local listings.



Winnie said...

I like the idea of this - life without power would be interesting...and It would be odd not to blog!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This show looks epic - I definitely want to check it out!! :)

meg said...

J.D. does make a beautiful girl! I am going to need to see the next episode of this show!

Chris Ed said...

This sounds really interesting and the cast is cool!

Krystal said...

looks nice and dramatic!