Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bombay Royale

“You Me Bullets Love is … an off-kilter masterpiece …” – review in The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

The Bombay Royale is an 11-piece Australian Bollywood-style band fronted by singers Parvyn Kaur Singh and Shourov Bhattacharya. The band performs Bollywood-style music in Hindi and Bengali. The band was conceived by musical director Andy Williamson who also plays saxophone. The Bombay Royale released its first album You Me Bullets Love in April 2012. Background: The Bombay Royale formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2010. Parvyn Kaur Singh, the band's lead singer, is the daughter of Dya Singh, a traditional shabad singer. She is a Bollywood dance teacher and is married to the band's multi-instrumentalist Josh Bennett.-music meter

Bombay Royale has this record called You Me Bullets Love which actually exactly describes what the record is like. It’s a kind of charming,  novelty record that cleverly melds 1970s Bollywood scores, 60s surf guitar and a little bit of something else. Not sure if that something else is 1960s Mexico or the American Western though. It’s a lot to take in and can be unbearably dense at points but for the most part it’s a super fun record. Grab a song and put it on a mix for a friend or something.-teendream

from 1965 also in the film GHOSTWORLD. Jaan Pechaan Ho by Mohammed Rafi...Bombay Royale does their own version of this song on their new CD.

Feeling a little Ghostworld, lately? This certainly takes the party in full swing with its retro Bollywood energy. Its a lot of fun that just might make you smile.-ellie

 bombay royale


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I loved Ghostworld.

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