Friday, October 19, 2012

Awkwards- a look back on season 2


 "It’s important for girls to realize that you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else or they can love you, and that’s really what that represents. She’s started to mend a relationship with her mom when she crawls into bed with her, and that’s a beautiful moment. She’s really starting to heal herself from all the chaos that’s happened in these two seasons, to move on with a somewhat clean slate." Rickards says about her role as Jenna.

"I can’t answer exactly what Jenna’s feeling, but I will say both guys have their qualities and both guys have their faults. Who belongs with who, I don’t know. I will say that I believe Jenna makes the right choice for herself at that specific time ... Fans will be divided." Mircoff says about Matty and Jake.

Beyond that, the cast is already looking ahead to Season 3, which has been blissfully extended from 12 episodes to 20. "I’m thrilled that we’re having 20 episodes. It gives us so much room to play and really explore Jenna’s world even more," Rickards enthused. "Next season, maybe it’s a little bit more complicated than just a love triangle, maybe there are other things on the horizon ..."-Huffpost TV


Its only a 30 minutes show. And its a comedy, yet the show exposes life in high school from your possibly typical girl, Jenna. I enjoyed this year that they wanted Jena to find her own way even if Jake and Matty wanted her to choose.

One of my favorite episodes was  near the end when it showed all the different choices that Jena could have made. That gave a lot of laughs. I really have to admit the show has wonderful comedic writing and the cast does a great job of conveying what the writers write.


This year Jenna parents were separated. I hated to see that happen, but it was a learning experience not just for Jenna but her parents too. Of course, we'd learned at the end of the last season that it was Jenna's mom who had written the horrible letter to her that Jenna thought was from a bully. Finally, her Mom came clean that she was just reacting the way her mother had done so toward her growing up. So there is a lot to be said about where we come from and how relevant bullying can be and we might not even know it.

Still Jenna has a way of making everything relativity. Is Matty like her Dad or the guy that her Mom didn't choose in high school? All through the season she pondered this. Naturally, some might think she over-thinks too much.

In the end, she chooses Matty. But one wonders if she regrets her choice.

I think in any relationship, there has to be some sort of natural chemistry to make things work. Still, there are always opportunities where we find ourselves making choices and helping each other out. Hopefully, we'll see where Jake and Tamara's relationship goes. And will Ming find true love.

With so much going on on this should be an hour long.



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This looks like such an awesome show! :)

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I do love this show!

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